Sunday, February 04, 2007

More CNY Baking - Kuih Mor & Kek Batik

Last night went out to buy some nice looking empty container. cost 80 cent each at SKH =P

Today, i had baked about 200+ Kuih Mor. These cookies are very simple and easy compare to the Pineapple Tarts yesterday. The dough was easy to handle and though there's a lot of ghee in it, it does not ooze oil at all. hehe

Ok, some people may not know what kuih mor is, it's actually a sort of cookie made using ghee and later coated with icing sugar. The texture are melt in the mouth and taste really good. It's something i have to bake every year.

Recipe for my Kui Mor:-

1 kg Plain Flour
1 tin of Ghee (the 450+ gm one)
1 egg yolk

icing sugar
Nespray milk powder (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 180 degree celcius
2. Fried the Flour in a medium heat in a wok. After that, let it cool.
3. Add all the above together and knead for a while. Make sure they are all mix.
4. Roll them into small ball and place them into the oven tray.
5. Bake for about 25 mins.
6. Sifted icing sugar and milk powder in a wide plates. Ratio can be 1:1 or 2 tbsp of icing sugar to 1 tbsp of milk powder. Up to your preference, really.
6. After cookies are done, let it cool for a minute or two and then lightly pick them up from the tray while it's still warm & roll them into the icing sugar.

7. Cool completely before storing them into an air tight container.

Makes about 200

I had made four small containers. Gave away three and left one container at home.

**note: milk powder is optional, it can be omitted as well.

After finished baking this at about 4 p.m., i went & made kek batik. The kek batik is sitting in the freezer now. Hehe


Eleanor said...

Hello Xy - you've posted some lovely recipes here. Kueh moh/bangkit & cornflake cookies are my favourites. Happy New Year! Brgds.E.

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

Thanks for the compliment, made me really happy. Happy new year too !!

summergal said...

how to fried the flour?? add oil ma?

Ashes said...

Thanks for the recipe, they're baking right now. First ever batch a bit undercooked but ok lah :) Not too sure what "cooked" looks like hehe
I'm here posting a comment while waiting, since 100+ cookies later, the remaining dough seems to have doubled in size rather than become smaller. Aiiii :P~

Annette said...

Hello, I tried this recipe and it did not work. We lived in Brunei for almost 10 years and kuih mor was one of my daughters fondest memories as well as other delights. I tried to rekindle this memory for her but failed.

Anonymous said...

sorry if i ask...

i am still wondering what is the temperature of the oven before start to bake....



Sing Yin @ Serene said...

Summergal : Fried the flour as in stir fried the flour in a wok or cooking pan for a couple of minutes. no need add oil de...

Ashes: thanks for trying the recipe. Hope u like it =)

Annette: Why? what is the problem?

Cynthia: the temperature is 180 degree celsius

Ashes said...

It was supernice :D The cheesecake also turned out great...thanks a million for your recipes ;)

Kal Goh said...

Hi... I was looking for the Kek Batik recipe for my family here in London. Any chance you can let me have it? Thanks Kal

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

my kek batik recipe is here


haidawaty said...

hi there, i chance upon ur blog and thank u for the recipe of kuih mor. my cousin who ju came back from brunei, gave me some kuih mor. i fell in love with it. i will try to make them myself. juz curious, how long must i fry the flour? please reply me via email at thanks dear....

Lulu said...

Thanks for the recipe.For years I've been trying to find this recipe. My husband is from Brunei and he just loves having this kuih around for CNY. May I quote your recipe on my blog ?

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

Hi Lulu, feel free to add the recipe =)

hope your kuih turns out fine. I am so baking them now

Lulu said...

Hi SingYin, the kuih turned out great. I actually just baked another batch today. My first batch was done a couple of weeks ago. My husband enjoyed it so much and he said he had been eating them slowly; not wanting to finish them before CNY. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Serene!wow, auntie ni has been searchin' for the resepi lama udah...
thnx a lot, masani kan mencuba wif my kids after 6 years left Brunei...
makasih aa... resipi kek batik nada kan...hehe..
Auntie sue

Maggie Ross said...

wow i can't believe i found your site. I lived in Brunei for 20 years till 1980 and miss the genuine Brunei kropok and kueh. I would love more Kueh recipes and other Brunei recipes such char quay teow .I have bought some ghee today.Maggie Ross

F said...

I lost my kueh mor recipe and glad to find your posting.
Thanks for your generous sharing and hope to see more great recipe from you in future.

pei ko (ex-Bruneian)

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