Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ham Bun

The recipe that i was afraid to challenge up till now is ... Bun.
I love Breads and Buns. Yet, i am afraid to make them.

Cause my little hand held mixer is not strong enough to beat the dough and past experience always ends up in disaster. The bread was hard as rock. Well, after seeing this recipe, i thought die die also must try.

For this recipe, i die die kneaded the dough for almost one hour =/ My poor arm...

Thanks to Evan!

I am glad my bread did not come out like a rock and it's visually acceptable. Though my bread is not as pretty as Evan's but i intend to try again in the near future. =) I do not have round dish to put my bun in so i arrange it like a butterfly. keke.

Below here is her recipe (copy word by word):-

Ingredients :

recipe source : u-weekly mag

300g bread flour
100g plain flour
80g sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp instant dry yeast
175ml ice water
50g butter or margarine

for the filling :

picnic ham
spring onions, chopped
1 beaten egg, for glazing

directions :

1. mix bread flour, plain flour, salt, sugar, egg, dry yeast, ice water & butter/margarine in a bowl.

2. incorporate everything well & knead to form a pliable & elastic dough. this process may take quite a while, about 30 mins or so. the dough will be wet & sticky at first (and kinda messy as well), but keep on kneading (without adding oil or water) until dough no longer sticks to fingers & is glossy on surface. and if you're about to give up just like i did, DON'T!

3. set aside in a warm place to allow dough to fermentate, approx. 45 mins. the dough must at least double in size after fermentation.

4. punch to release some air. separate dough into individual 60g portions & refrigerate for about 10 mins.

5. taking a portion of the dough out of the fridge, knead into a flat sheet just abit bigger than a slice of picnic ham.

6. place ham on top of the dough and roll up.

7. cut into 5 portions and place them onto a small round dish or flan tin.

8. repeat steps 5 - 7 for the rest of the dough.

9. leave on to fermentate for another further 35 mins.

10. glaze with egg wash & sprinkle with chopped spring onions.

11. bake in a preheated oven of 200 deg c. for about 10 mins until golden brown. brush top with margarine for a shiny glaze.

I did not have enough ham pieces so the left over dough, i made bean paste bun. hehe

Road to Musician

Some of you may have already know... but i am taking up piano lessons at Contessa now. I had always wanted to learn to play the piano, but no time no money. Haha! Teacher told me i have to cut my nails and i can't keep long nails. I haven't really cut them yet =/

Being having a few lessons already. Normally had it on a Saturday afternoon. Now all i need is a Piano.... so anyone want to buy me one?

Wa hey! i know how to play Mary had a Little Lamb now =x
Before long, you would see me playing Secret like Jay Chou. (*rolling eyes "ya, dream on")

13 Nov 2007 - My birthday

I did not really celebrate my birthday but i did eat a big cheese cake on that day (generously sponsor by my brother).

I would also like to thank a few people who are actually sweet enough to remember this important day.

1) Sharlene, thanks for the nice bracelet, the hot chocolate & the sms
2) Patrina, thanks for the 5.30 a.m. sms, the big heart shape earrings & lunch at Capers
3) Sze Wei for the sms
4) Nonnie for the sms
5) Jia Ren for the Tao Fu Fa
5) Pei Hwan for the sms
6) Harold for the Email
7) My parents for the Ang Pows
8) My bro for the breakfast at Emperors & the Birthday Cake

Thank you all for remembering. *sob (touched) It means a lot to me. Really. Every year if i have to use my finger to count who remember birthday. There will always be left over fingers. Well, its expected la. Not socialise, not popular, got more than 5 people remember, i very happy already.

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