Sunday, December 30, 2007

Advanced Happy New Year

Before i go off on my holiday, i would like to wish everyone a Happy new Year first.

I being missing again, due to a terrible cold that i had caught a terrible cold a few days after my birthday during November. I even got ear infection and was unable to hear properly for a few weeks. I went to visit one of the local clinic in bandar and was on MC for one day. After taking the medication for 1 week, my condition turn from bad to worst.

Thanks to a kind uncle, someone my dad know, he was familiar with the specialist at RIPAS & brought me to hospital for check up. The Doctor prescribed me some huge pills which i think is probably antibiotic. Went back to let doctor check again after 2 weeks. he said my ear is not completely recover and prescribe me more medicine to eat for another month. my next appointment is mid January 2008. Hope there won't be anymore medicine after that.

I will be goin to KK with my family and spend the new year eve there. Hehe. my flight is 9+ am and i am doing some last minute research on restaurants now. Can't go to Seafood Village cos my parent will probably flip if they see the hundreds dollar bill. haha

Happy New Year, Everyone!!
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