Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sausage Muffin

Recipes from Ching

All right, this is not a sweet dessert. I like the ingredients use here because it's not too much egg, not too much butter and sugar. Ideal for my super health conscious family. I personally like the fragrant of the black pepper. I would definitely make this again and with more black pepper.

Ingredients A:
5 sausages
1 tbsp butter

Ingredients B:
2 eggs
60 butter
60 caster sugar ( i used brown sugar)
1 tbsp of tomato sauces (you can use more if you like)
200g milk

Ingredients C:
250g flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp of black pepper (can be more if prefer)
1/4 tsp salt (omitted this if you use salted butter)
1 tbsp chopped basil leaves (optional)

1. Melted butter in fying pan and stir fried sliced sausages until cook. Set aside.
2. Melted the butter in ingredients B over a double boiler.
3. Sieved flour together with baking powder and set aside.
4. Mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl and add in ingredients C
5. Fold in sausages.
6. Fill muffin cups up till 9/10 full
7. Bake in preheated oven in 170 degrees C for 15 -20 mins

This recipe make 7 small muffin cups


Macao Sawdust Pudding (Serradura)

A super simple easy dessert to make!!!!

Recipes taken from Wendy
Thanks Wendy for sharing the recipe~

250ml whipping cream
80g Maries biscuit or more
50g condensed milk
2 tsp of vanilla essence

1. Crush marie biscuits finely. Set aside
2. whip whipping cream till soft peaks. Add vanilla essence and condensed milk. Continue to beat the mixture until stiff peaks
3. Transfer the cream into a piping bag, fitted with 1 or 2 cm nozzle (i didn't use this, i just scooped them into the cup =p)
4. Place a layer of the biscuit crumbs at the bottom of your cups or moulds. Pipe a layer of cream on top. Layer with biscuits and cream again until cup is full.
5. Chill in the freezer for 2 hours. Take out the dessert and let it sit at room temperature about 10 minutes before serving.


Patrina's Apple Crumble

This recipe is given by Patrina.
Had always wanted to bake an apple crumble but there are just too many recipes online. Which one is good? Patrina told me this recipe of hers is delicious and seeing how easy it is. I just have to try. =)

Patrina's original recipe use pre-made Apple fillings but since i don't have this in hand. I made myself. I did not cook the apple as some people would do because i prefer the fillings to have a bit of solidness when bitten into them, if you get what i mean.

Here's the ingredients:-

For the apple fillings:-
2 apples
1 tbsp of brown sugar (optional)
1 tsp of cinnamon powder/mixed spice (optional)

1 cup flour
3/4 cup brown sugar (i reduced to 1/2, which i think is sweet enough)
1/3 oatmeal
1/4 cup butter (room temperature)
dash of cinnamon (optional)

1. Slices apples and toss them with sugar and cinnamon/mixed spice. Set aside
2. Place all the ingredients for Crumbles together and mix them up in a bowl.
3. Butter up a loaf dish
4. Put half the crumbles onto the dish. Layer with apple fillings. Then cover the apples with the rest of the crumbles.
5. Bake for about 50 mins to one hour until top is brown for 180 degrees C.

It's that easy. Cinnamon is optional. If you are the more adventurous type, the apples filling can be replace with Pears as well. xD

Enjoy this lovely dish~

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cheddar Cheese Cake

Recipes from Ching

I used the wrong baking pan. So now the cake looks flat and short. Should have use the loaf pan.
The cake is still spongy though. Cutting was messy because my mom gave me a blunt knife which she thinks its enough for cutting. Sigh, cin cai la.

Hmm, the taste is not bad la. Not too cheesy since this recipe only use 3 pieces of cheese slices. So it's ideal for some who don't like cake which is too cheesy.

I messed up some of the step. Too kan cheong and failed to read the instruction before hand. haha. Good thing the cake still looks ok

I will probably try again with loaf pan ^^

Recipes (translated):
Ingredients A
3 slices of cheese
50g milk
50g butter

Ingredients B
3 egg whites
1/4 tsp of vinegar or cream of tartar
50g caster sugar

Ingredients C
50g flour
3 egg yolks


1. double boil ingredients A till melted. Set aside
2. Beat egg white and cream of tartar until foamy. Add in half the caster sugars. Beat a while and then add in the rest of the sugar. Beat until stiff peak forms
3. Mix egg yolk into ingredients A (step 1)
4. Fold half of the egg white into the egg yolk mixture gently. Fold in sieved flour.
5. Fold in the rest of the egg white
6. Bake it in a water bath in a preheat oven at 140 degrees C.

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