Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The view outside my room

The view from my parent's room


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY bakes

Chinese new year ("cny") is less than 2 weeks away. I just won't feel like cny without baking anything. So i baked some cornflake cookies and kuih mor for giveaway yesterday. And also Kek Batik. The only things i didn't make this year is prawn roll, melting moments, pineapple tarts and cheesecakes. Too little time.

I baked till 8+ p.m. last night. I was really tired and i felt like i was soaking in butter. BUT I felt happy and satisfied. =) I can't remember i baked how many batches and tubs but i only found 4 tubs left tonight.

I also ordered some cookies from Anna Mok and cakes since i wasn't planning to bake so much this year. Her almond cookies and cornflakes are my favourites.

Well, my brother will be goin to UK to further his studies this Thursday. And I will be goin to Singapore/Johore this Sunday for about a week.

So here wishing every chinese readers a Happy Chinese New Year and non-chinese readers a Happy Holiday!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009~!

It's the first day of the new year so I would like to wish everyone who read this a very Happy New Year XD

Here's something funny from an anime i watched yesterday:-

Enjoy your holiday XD
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