Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Sze Wei

Happy Birthday!! !!

KK Trip Part 2

The long awaited Part 2

Let's start with the Four Season Dim Sum & Steamboat restaurant first. The restaurant was in this new plaza across the road of the Centrepoint.

As usual, my bro ordered a lot of dishes from the menu. The first few arrive with some surprise that neither of us notice until it's too late.

Picture may be too small and you can't really spot them well. Click on them to get a better view.

Still cannot find anything strange?

Can see le kwa! We intend to show this to the staff there if they try to deny.

The most scariest thing is, there was suppose to be 2 (as shown in the previous photo) but now there's only 1 left! Me and my bro found out only later when we returned to Brunei while checking out the photos. What happened to the other one?? We don't dare mentioned it to our parents that one of them might have accidentally consume 1.... +.+"

They gave a 10% discount on all our food but we already lost our appetite.

We cancel the remaining orders, eat up a little and left the place quickly. We certainly won't go there EVER again.

We came out of the restaurant and found this cute dog. Not sure whether it's a pet shop though.

We later on visit the mall at Karamunsing, another area where you need to use the Taxi. The things here are more cheaper. Not for the branded maniac though.

On our very last day at KK, we ate at The Chicken Rice Shop at Warison Square. My parents had been wanting to try out the chicken rice but i was not so interested in it and the plan for visiting this restaurant was put off until the very last day. lol.

We ordered the family set that comes with 4 plates of rice and a jug of cola. i forgot how much it the cost... Below RM50 maybe? The appetizer is really. I don't know what it is but it's good.

The food is not bad. Quite nice and the price is reasonable.

Warison Square during Christmas and New Year:-

A tall man greeted me with a big Hi. LOL

After that we go airport just 2 hours before departure. Found out that that the airport is deserted and the counter is close. The counter was open after about half n hour later and we were only able to check in half an hour before departure. It was hot outside and there was no air con. The flight was delay somemore and we reached Brunei at 12.30 a.m. zzz. Was so tired!

Note to self: Never go to KK airport too early. =/

Sunday, January 06, 2008

KK Trip - Part 1

Further to my previous post, this is the Imperial Hotel that we stayed in KK.

I think its call a superior room cost RM205 with twin sharing bed. Situated at Warison Square only. Very clean and comfortable. Each room have its own safe where you can keep your valuables. Their staff are friendly and nice.

Relaxing on the really comfy chair while reading my Horrible Histories.

The Bathroom

We arrived before lunch time. After check into this hotel, i slept till 3+ p.m before going down to Warison to check out the restaurants. There are many nice and yummy looking restaurants to choose from. Me and my parents finally decided to try out the Hong Kong Recipe.

Flipping around the menu, i decided to try out this curry bun. It looks just like the bread bowl we always have at Fleur De Lys (coconut sized bread, cut out the inside of the bread and fill the inside with creamy soups)

Curry Bun~

As can see from the picture above, it was generously filled with curry chicken and potatoes. Oh So very Yummy!!! I think it cost RM3.80 (excluding tax & service charge). The curry is not too hot and i think its just right.

Baked Cheese Rice with Chicken (forgot actual name. hehe)

There were 3 sauces to choose from, white, red and... what was the other one again?? Anyway, i choose white sauce. This is really nice!! Its not too oily. Surprisingly the cheese feels quite light and you don't feel disgusted even after eating all of this. My picture was too close up. The baked rice was actually put inside a big dim sum basket lined up with aluminium foil. Cost around RM 7++ .

Let's jump to Dinner~

My research on KK restaurants had really gone to waste cause we mainly eat inside Warison Square only =x

Dinner at Tu Long Restaurant!
Situated next to Hong Kong Recipe. Hehe. I did not take a picture of the restaurant itself, so i surf around and found this. Hope give some idea of how the inside looks like.

Me and my bro ordered so much i thought we would die from over stuffing ourselves

This is one interesting appetizer.
Deep fried bananas coated with golden syrup (i think its golden syrup la..). Before you put them into your mouth, you have to dip them into a bowl of ice cold water first. Taste a bit sweet but really nice

Xiao Long Bao (Little steam juicy bun)

Mushroom Dumplings that turns out to be very meaty after all...

Shanghai Pork Rib La Mien

Little Red Bean paste Buns + Pan Fried Steam Bun

For all this, it cost us about RM100 only. The service here is good and the waiter is friendly as well.

Ok post until here. To be continue... =x

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

KK - A Summary

Happy New Year people. I am back from KK.
Being really tired. My flight was delay, arrived at 12 midnight this morning and i went to work in less than 7 hours of sleep.

I apologised to some of those who had message me during the new year, for unable to reply because i did not buy any Malaysia line as i didn't see much use of it except messaging during the new year eve.

Spent most of my money on restaurants. probably tried out most of the restaurants at Warison Square. We stayed at Imperial Hotel at Warison. Initially booked Radius but later found out this is even more nicer and the room is much bigger (at the same price of course). The hotel is quite new as there was still a bit of construction still going on. Excellent Service though. Will post up some pics of the hotel room soon or later if i am not lazy.

Going to KK for holiday is more relaxing than Singapore~ At Singapore, i spend every waking day and night walk walk walk and shop shop shop. While at KK, i get to rest a lot more in the hotel as i am not worry that i won't have time for shopping.

Warison Square is a nice place to shop at, although a bit pricey. Centrepoint a bit crowded. We also went to Wawasan (where Parkson is) & Karamunsing (is that how you spelt it?) Dad said we went to Karamunsing when we were young but i have no recollection of the place. Me & my brother was imagining some old and dirty building but to our surprised, it was really clean and there was a huge Christmas tree inside. Things here are cheaper but not for those who want to shop for branded goods only.

We couldn't decide where to eat during new year eve and end up in a not so nice and rather noisy place packed with youngsters.. (why do i sound like some old person talking here).

There was a Four Season Restaurant in KK whereby they only offer Dim Sum and steamboat. The restaurant seems new and is located at Asia City Complex, somewhere across Centrepoint. Listen to me, Don't GO there!! Don't even try if you value your life unless you love eating insects.

We ordered quite a number of dishes, i was busy taking pictures of the food and had not start eating yet while my parent and my brother already dig in. My brother was about to take 1 of the "Xiao Long Bao" when he suddenly gave a little yelled. "Cockroach!!!"

i can't believe what he was saying and peered inside the basket. 2 of the "Bao"is gone and rested and the corner of basket... was a baby cockroach. (shivered)

We call over one of the waiter and showed him our discovery. He quickly gone off and it was a while later before another woman who seem to be of higher ranking came over and apologised. She offer to give 10% discount on the rest of the food. We had lost our appetite and only stared at the food as it grew cold. But we were quite lazy to find some other place for breakfast since it was near lunch time already so we ate up the rest of the food slowly while carefully checking out for other unwanted ingredients.

Apart from unwanted ingredients, their service was slow. It took forever for a requested item to arrive. Won't be returning there that's for sure.

Will post up pictures of my trip real soon. real real soon. Haha.

It's the year of the mouse~~

My New Year Resolution:

1. Go home at 5.30 p.m. (since i am not pay for OT)
2. Diet
3. Download more Anime
4. Play more DS
5. Buy a new Oven
6. Save more money so i can buy a piano
7. Be more active in baking
8. & etc etc

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