Sunday, January 06, 2008

KK Trip - Part 1

Further to my previous post, this is the Imperial Hotel that we stayed in KK.

I think its call a superior room cost RM205 with twin sharing bed. Situated at Warison Square only. Very clean and comfortable. Each room have its own safe where you can keep your valuables. Their staff are friendly and nice.

Relaxing on the really comfy chair while reading my Horrible Histories.

The Bathroom

We arrived before lunch time. After check into this hotel, i slept till 3+ p.m before going down to Warison to check out the restaurants. There are many nice and yummy looking restaurants to choose from. Me and my parents finally decided to try out the Hong Kong Recipe.

Flipping around the menu, i decided to try out this curry bun. It looks just like the bread bowl we always have at Fleur De Lys (coconut sized bread, cut out the inside of the bread and fill the inside with creamy soups)

Curry Bun~

As can see from the picture above, it was generously filled with curry chicken and potatoes. Oh So very Yummy!!! I think it cost RM3.80 (excluding tax & service charge). The curry is not too hot and i think its just right.

Baked Cheese Rice with Chicken (forgot actual name. hehe)

There were 3 sauces to choose from, white, red and... what was the other one again?? Anyway, i choose white sauce. This is really nice!! Its not too oily. Surprisingly the cheese feels quite light and you don't feel disgusted even after eating all of this. My picture was too close up. The baked rice was actually put inside a big dim sum basket lined up with aluminium foil. Cost around RM 7++ .

Let's jump to Dinner~

My research on KK restaurants had really gone to waste cause we mainly eat inside Warison Square only =x

Dinner at Tu Long Restaurant!
Situated next to Hong Kong Recipe. Hehe. I did not take a picture of the restaurant itself, so i surf around and found this. Hope give some idea of how the inside looks like.

Me and my bro ordered so much i thought we would die from over stuffing ourselves

This is one interesting appetizer.
Deep fried bananas coated with golden syrup (i think its golden syrup la..). Before you put them into your mouth, you have to dip them into a bowl of ice cold water first. Taste a bit sweet but really nice

Xiao Long Bao (Little steam juicy bun)

Mushroom Dumplings that turns out to be very meaty after all...

Shanghai Pork Rib La Mien

Little Red Bean paste Buns + Pan Fried Steam Bun

For all this, it cost us about RM100 only. The service here is good and the waiter is friendly as well.

Ok post until here. To be continue... =x


Nonnie King said...

Bobby and I also stuffed ourselves to death for our last KK trip.
Too full to eat at the Tu-Lan, I mean Tu-Long, we just tapao-ed the xiao-long-pao.

Anonymous said...

Wow~ Xiao long bao~ (*drools*)Always wanted to try that but never had the chance.. (*sob*)

The hotel u stayed in was so damn nice!! Woooh.. Saw ur reflection in the mirror when u're taking the bathroom pic. Haha

by: one <3

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