Sunday, January 27, 2008

KK Trip Part 2

The long awaited Part 2

Let's start with the Four Season Dim Sum & Steamboat restaurant first. The restaurant was in this new plaza across the road of the Centrepoint.

As usual, my bro ordered a lot of dishes from the menu. The first few arrive with some surprise that neither of us notice until it's too late.

Picture may be too small and you can't really spot them well. Click on them to get a better view.

Still cannot find anything strange?

Can see le kwa! We intend to show this to the staff there if they try to deny.

The most scariest thing is, there was suppose to be 2 (as shown in the previous photo) but now there's only 1 left! Me and my bro found out only later when we returned to Brunei while checking out the photos. What happened to the other one?? We don't dare mentioned it to our parents that one of them might have accidentally consume 1.... +.+"

They gave a 10% discount on all our food but we already lost our appetite.

We cancel the remaining orders, eat up a little and left the place quickly. We certainly won't go there EVER again.

We came out of the restaurant and found this cute dog. Not sure whether it's a pet shop though.

We later on visit the mall at Karamunsing, another area where you need to use the Taxi. The things here are more cheaper. Not for the branded maniac though.

On our very last day at KK, we ate at The Chicken Rice Shop at Warison Square. My parents had been wanting to try out the chicken rice but i was not so interested in it and the plan for visiting this restaurant was put off until the very last day. lol.

We ordered the family set that comes with 4 plates of rice and a jug of cola. i forgot how much it the cost... Below RM50 maybe? The appetizer is really. I don't know what it is but it's good.

The food is not bad. Quite nice and the price is reasonable.

Warison Square during Christmas and New Year:-

A tall man greeted me with a big Hi. LOL

After that we go airport just 2 hours before departure. Found out that that the airport is deserted and the counter is close. The counter was open after about half n hour later and we were only able to check in half an hour before departure. It was hot outside and there was no air con. The flight was delay somemore and we reached Brunei at 12.30 a.m. zzz. Was so tired!

Note to self: Never go to KK airport too early. =/

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Cookie Monster said...

Oh my god! CockROACH!

I will actually scold the restaurant and walk out straight away you know?

This is simply inexcusable.

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