Monday, May 28, 2007

Nonya Kaya

Haven't make anything edible for a long time and i felt this familiar satisfaction and happiness that i haven't felt for a long time when i finish making this kaya. =')

I was really inspired by thelazychef 's kaya when i stumbled upon her recipe quite a while ago while i was still on my hardcore diet. Vow to make this kaya one day after my diet. I finally bring myself to make it yesterday. The recipe was easy and i thought i could not make any mistake with this! The writer had used breadmaker for her kaya making so i was worry for a while when i don't have a breadmaker. I had use the double boiler method and cook at the stove for 2 hours.

Made about 1 cup

1 cup coconut milk (i used Ayam Brand can la)
1 cup sugar (had reduce to 3/4 cup and it tastes fine)
1 cup eggs (i used 3 large eggs)
3 - 15 pandan leaves (washed and tied in a knot)

1. Beat the eggs lightly in a bowl.
2. Pour coconut milk, sugar and eggs into a bowl and throw in pandan leaves.
3. Let the bowl stand over a pot of boiling water and over a medium heat, cook it.
4. Mixture will appears lumpy but do not worry, let it simmer for 2 hours, stirring every 15 mins or so.
5. Turn off the heat , let it cool for a while and pour the lumpy mixture into a blender and blend till smooth.

Easiest thing i ever done. You could also blend some pandan leaves and strain some juice to add to the kaya while cooking if you want your kaya to be greener.

I had actually used 3 pandan leaves to cook and in addition, i had add a couple of tablespoon of pandan juices. I like my kaya to have pandan smell. =p

I had reduce the sugar cause my parents don't like sweet. So 3/4 cup of sugar is actually ok for me but they still think it's sweet. really. 老人家难伺候啊!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

OMG! Karaoke Competition!

My firm is having an annual dinner next Friday at Sheraton.

There will a karaoke competition and it's a compulsory that everyone (including all lawyers and secretaries to join)

I am screw. I don't know what to sing. I haven't really practice singing for a long time.. used to go to K-box at the Mall a lot last year until... o well..

I am considering singing some funny song like 对面的女孩看过来 or 浪花一朵朵。。

I borrowed a few old vcd from Patrina and found that the only songs that i think i can sing without going out of tune is JJ - 就是我 or 后来.. Can't find any other song that i can sing. Probably will go check out Unitek for some karaoke disc -_-"

It's either sing a song or perform a dance. I rather choose to sing.

Anyone got any suggestion? I am suppose to hand in my song title by next Tuesday >.<

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The South Beach Diet

I just gained 1 kg. Must have been all the heavy food i had been eating lately.

For instance, Suppers at RMS Diner with my bro after work out and buffets and more buffets. I have to lose back that 1 kg. Therefore, i am starting my South Beach diet again.

I think i never really explain the kind of diet i am on. Let me briefly explain what it is.

This Diet is written by Dr Agatston. Its a low carb and high protein diet. But of course, people are encourage to have a balance diet from other sources of food that does not have major contents of carbs and sugar.

As some of you might have read about my diet log from sometime ago. I admitted mine is not consider a balance diet because i ate the same thing over and over again.

There are actually 3 phases:-

Phase 1: Duration = 2 weeks. You will be eating normal size portions of lean meat, fish, eggs, reduced-fat cheese, nonfat yogurt, nuts, and plenty of vegetables. Snacks and desserts are part of the plan, as well. You are expected to lose about 15 pounds or so. Phase 1 is very important so don't cheat by eating a little bit of cookies or cakes thinking that no harm done. No oatmeals as well and certainly no rice!!!

Phase 2: Things that are forbidden during phase 1 are reintroduce into here. E.g whole grains and fruits. During this phase, losing weight will be slower than phase 1 but you should continue to lose weight until you reach your target.

Phase 3: This is the maintenance phase. You can eat whatever you want as long as it's not over.

So that's what this diet is all about. It really works. I mean most unhealthy diet that i used to be on was either eating green apples 3 days in a row, no eating for one week except drink water... I find this is the most easiest diet ever. I am eating and I am losing weight at the same time. How great can that be.

But if you have try out this diet and you only lost 2 or 3 kg during phase 1. It just means your unwanted fat are not that much and the rest of the fat need to be burn by exercising.

Also, during this diet, you will feel really thirsty because the fat is burning. Don't worry about water retention and drink lots. At least 2 litres a day. It's what i do.

Just google around for South Beach diet and you will usually find lots of information on it like what food to eat during each phase or recommended recipes.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers who visit my blog~

Some of us celebrated Mother's day every year to show our love and appreciation to our moms for doing a great job bringing us up. This is the day when we thanks and give something in return to our beloved mother.

A little something about Mother's Day's history , taken from the Wiki.

People in different countries celebrate Mother's Day on different days of the year because the day has a number of different origins. One school of thought claims this day emerged from a custom of mother worship in ancient Greece. Mother worship — which kept a festival to Cybele, a great mother of gods and the wife of Cronus; was held around the Vernal EquinoxAsia Minor and eventually in Rome itself from the Ides of March (March 15 to March 18). The Romans also had another holiday, Matronalia, that was dedicated to Juno, though mothers were usually given gifts on this day. around

In the United States, Mother's Day was copied from England by social activist Julia Ward Howe after the American Civil War. Howe wrote the Mother's Day Proclamation. In the UK, the day now simply celebrates motherhood and thanking mothers. According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother's Day is now the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the United States.

We normally celebrated Mother's day by taking my mom out for a nice dinner plus later on give an ang pow (red packet). Last year was a Hi-tea special buffet at Season. This year, i want to do something different so we went to Royal Brunei Airport Restaurant ("RBAR"). Although my brother actually choose Sheraton and i choose Empire.

My parents prefer RBAR because they think it's more quiet. Me and my brother were just aiming for the desserts anyway.

The price for the brunch buffet at RBAR is $25 per pax and carnation and pralines for the mothers. My brother was joking on how funny it would be if they also gave me a carnation O.o

It wasn't easy trying to get a table at RBAR. It was a popular restaurant after all. I called the Restaurant on Friday morning before 9 a.m. and was shocked to find that it was all fully booked. I called back a few times and complaint a little saying how the advertisement for the promotion was only advertised on Friday. So finally they gave us a table. We were happy. They told us to go there earlier to avoid lost of seats. We did not mind going earlier though.

However, when we arrived there at about 11 a.m. , we were told that the Function room was full and they can only arrange for our table outside the function room. I was not very happy about this because we were not being informed that we would be outcast. I firmly told her that my parents would feel uneasy sitting outside. So she went inside, find a spot and place a table with 4 person. =x

It was a nice seat also. Close to the buffet table =p Not too awkward or blocking anyone, but just okay.

I personally think the food is still okay but my brother, being his usual picky self said he expected more from the Restaurant. My mother thinks the desserts are not that good.

I did not bring my camera so i wasn't able to take pictures of the food except using my brother's phone to snap a few pics.

Overall, i am glad that my parents are quite satisfied. I am now feeling ultimately blotted having feasting too much on cakes and desserts and bread puddings.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Fitness Zone : An Official Member

I joined Fitness Zone and start my work out today.

I also brought along my brother.

There was 2 type of classes to choose at 6.30 p.m. today. Toning Yoga or Groove cycling.

We went to Toning Yoga. According to JR, Yoga is nice and fun. Taking his words for it, me and my bro went to Yoga for the first time today.

It wasn't too bad for me, but not so much my kind of thing. But it's a different story for my bro. Laying less than 2 feet away from me on a yoga mat, he was giving me faces all the way through the 1 hour class + showed me the middle finger. He seems displeased. I don't blame him. All the bending and stretching. =x. Well, he sit there most of the time though, without stretching much.

Our mouth pratically dropped open at the sight of the instructor and some of the more advanced student bend all the wayyyyyyy down. Which is something we would never be able to do in a million years unless risk having our bone break.

The last part of the Yoga is quite nice though. The instructor played a relaxing music, ok, more like the sound of nature and told us to relax and focus on our breathing etc. So we were just laying there and relax to the sound of nature.

You can bet my bro won't be joining any Yoga Class in the near future.

We do not have any trainer yet. According to our consultant, we will only receive our schedule tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spiderman 3 + Capers (Again?!)

Spiderman 3 was a disappointment. Yup, that's my comment for this movie. Many people had say this movie is not so good while many others think that it's good. I fall under the "not so good" category.

Last night, went to watch this Movie with Jamy & his friends. 10 p.m. show some more. By the time came out of the cinema, it was 12 a.m. already. I was tired and had to walk alone along the dark alley to the place where i parked my car. To top it off, i can't remember where i parked and was wondering around the Mall premises trying to recall where is my car for a good 10 mins.

Before watching the movie, Mr Z had been nice enough to tell me some spoiler.

"Mary Jane died in the movie, she was being rape to death"

Through out the movie, i was expecting her to die or something. I don't really believe the rape part of course. So when the movie came to an end and M.J is still alive, i knew someone had pull a joke on me. -_-"

Why i think it's not so good? It was a bit bored. Not as action packed as i had imagined. The dramatic part of the story was lengthy and almost put me to sleep.

Well, like i say, i belong to the other half of the population that think Spiderman 3 movie is not good. So, please do deter yourself from watching this movie. You might belong to the group who think the movie is absolutely fantastic. =p

Ticket was 50 cents more expensive than usual and comes with a free car sticker.


I was set on having Tuna and lettuce for lunch today. But during lunch time, someone, namely JR had a sudden craving for Capers. And before i knew it, I am in Capers eating Pasta -_-" with JR and Pat.

There are new menus for the Pasta (an entire new page!!)

Here's some of the new pastas we ordered:-

Linguine Al Amatricana

Linguine Vongole

Ravioli Al Funghi

Fetuccini Al Funghi

Tortellaci Al Pesto

Fetuccini Al Tonno

Ravioli Pollo

Some older dishes that we never failed to order whenever we visit Capers:-

Fetuccini Carbonara

Linguine Alfredo Salmone

Penne Lamb Shank


The 3 of us sure ate a lot today. I seriously suspected we had probably been black listed in this restaurant because sometime when we called for waitress, no one came to attend us or take our order. We were surprised to find out that there is no bread on every dishes today. So we jokingly said that the bread might comes during the tenth dishes, and sure enough, it did. Lasagne was our 10th dishes to arrive, with a bread on top. =x

I intentionally skip dinner tonight though cause i am still feeling quite full from the lunch.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CES Japanese Class Year 3

** changes made to the song play. I guess most of you are starting to get tired of the same old song being play everyday, hor. XD

Two weeks ago, one of our classmate bring along a cute Japanese girl, Kiwa to join our class. She is one of the exchange student from Japan. I can't remember which part she is from. haha

Here's our group photo together with our Sensei:-

Can you guess which one is Kiwa? or rather, can you spot me? XD

Really, after i saw this picture, only one thing cross my mind. "Gosh, i look like a teacher!"

Why it took me 2 weeks to post this picture?! Cause i just saw it in my mailbox. Thanks to Pei Hwan-chan for sending the pics to me. muakz

Monday, May 07, 2007

Craving for Chocolates

As can be seen from the above caption, i am craving for some chocolates. But i don't dare to eat Milk Chocolates type cause sugar content is high. So, i went to Supasave and Hua Ho last Weekend and try to find some snacks that is not too bad.

This is what i got from my searches.

Iko is the oatmeal biscuits with high fibre plus a moderate sugar content. It's carbs but then, it's also consider a healthier snack (i hope).

Dark Chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dark chocolates have lesser sugar content compare to ordinary one. Not to say there is no sugar of course. But it's enough to satisfy the craving. Plus i am quite a dark chocolate lover also.

I think i probably hadn't been to the chocolate department for a while, especially after starting my diet.

hmm... i never seen this before. Where had it been hiding up till now?

The Nutrition Facts

This little Hershey bar content 45% cocoa

Found new flavor for Hello Panda biscuit. Cheese!!!! Haven't try it yet. I guess it probably taste sweet and salty?! O.o

Enough say, i am going to go enjoy my chocolates. XD

Life is wonderful with the existence of chocolates, life would be so much different without chocolates XD

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Anime - Romeo x Juliet

Gonzo had done it this time!

The releasing of *Romeo x Juliet!

The Anime is still new. Currently at episodes 2. When i saw this at baka-updates, i knew that i must watch this anime.

I fell in love with it at episode 1 already. At first, i thought it's going to be some hard core, serious dao cannot type of anime. But i was surprised to find the anime to be wonderfully drawn and wonderfully nice.

The opening song use for this anime is from the song "You Raise Me Up" by Westlife but it's in a Japanese version sing by a lady singer (whoever she is). *Please click on the title of the Romeo and Juliet above to access to the official website. The song plays as soon as you log onto the site. Not full version of course.

The singing is nice. It's a must watch for Romeo & Juliet fan. A must watch for non- fan also, ok.

The story is slightly different from the Original Shakespeare play. Of course, the difference does not include Romeo and Juliet's family being good friends and they are living in good terms what.

Warning: Spoiler for Episode 1 ahead! Don't say i didn't warn you!!

The story start off by having Juliet's family, the Capulets who also happened to be the rulers of Neo Verona being assasinated by the Montague (Romeo's family) one night 14 years ago when Juliet was just a small little girl. She was the sole survivor during the incident and does not have much memories of her background. The Montague rules for 14 years after that, never giving up their search on the last of Capulet and to kill her.

Juliet was raised up by disguising herself as a boy though she never understand why and was only told by those who raised her up that she will understand everything when she turn 16. Just one day before she turn 16, she met Romeo. This is when their romance started ... as well as the beginning of a tragedy love. I won't tell you anymore. Just go watch the anime la! haha

When i asked my brother what does he knows about Romeo and Juliet, do you know what answer he gave me?

He said: "Isn't Romeo the guy who wear Hawaii shirt and run around with gun?!" -_-"

Ok, he is talking about Leonardo Dicaprio's role in the old Romeo n Juliet movie.. Really lead people to wrong impression, that movie.

Bah, just go watch, it's really nice and worth your time!
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