Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas Eve & Xmas Day 2006

X'mas Eve - 24 Dec 2006

My Christmas Eve was well spent. Because i probably made my younger brother and his gf very happy by being their driver on the night of christmas eve. I send them to Swenson and let the young couple had their dinner (after that i went home of course, you don't think i am goin to be a bright bulb there meh) & then thereafter to bring them to Empire to see fake snow and the Winter Wonderland (these time i was being a bright bulb and shine them bright bright)

I didn't really do much for my own but seeing them so happy and having fun, i oso feel happy.
In the middle of running around and find an empty spot to take picture, i was taken aback when someone came rushing/running toward me like a siau lang.! When she grabbed my hand, baru i realised its Patrina, the pig.. -_-"

As the theme is Winter Wonderland, me and my bro was trying to act like we were very cold (i think i end up looking more stupid than cold). He sure looks the part though.

Penguin la la la

My Bro and his cute girlfriend

When we were in Empire, we saw a bunch of people wearing santa hats, we didn't really bother to check out who they are plus it was dark. I really so regret that i was not kaypo enough to go find out. sob T_T. I told my mom and she just commented, "你没有福气啦。" If not, i could have ask for autograph and then auction it at Ebay le! sob.

My Bro was sweet enough to buy me a gingerbread, 1 blackforest and 1 cheesecake as Christmas pressies. i So gan dong. T_T

Xmas Day - 25 Dec 2006

I was being invited by Jamy to his friend, Cynthia's christmas party at Subok on the night of Christmas Day. I went there with Wee Ter. Luckily he was the one driving because if i were to go there on my own, i probably can't find the place.

Me & Leon Ink
Upon entering the house, i was so surprised to find an old primary 6 classmate, Leon Ink @ Annie. She still look so slim and pretty.
Later on, another familiar face arrived and it was Lee Na! Wow, lately i keep seeing faces that were now at the back of my memories. I was very happy indeed. Me & Leon Ing & her sister, Leon Wan were best friend back in primary 6!

The food was great, got turkey, baked potatoes, cakes etc. My finger was itching to take down pictures of those dishes but i don't dare -_-"

So all around people were "bonding" with each other

Wonder how a supposely candid picture turn out with a person posing at my camera O_o
Well, that guy is Jamy lo. Blame my lousy photography skill, all colours looks yellowish and unclear. Nonnie, seems like i still have a long way to go at taking good photos!!

And then after everyone had their dinner, they had organised a game whereby all of us are being divided into 2 big groups. Each group consist of about 7 or 8 people kwa... I was in team 2. with Wee Ter and Leon Ink and some others.

Team 1

Team 2

We are all to memorised out team mates' name first. So the game went like this..

2 pieces of newspapers are being laid open on the floor for the 2 teams. Everyone from each teams were supposed to squeeze themselves into the area of the newspaper layout no matter what method apply. According to Mr Thanis Lim there, he thinks i am smaller and lighter (i light meh?!) He volunteered to carry me on his arm. Ko lian him lo, i really don't think i am that light. So the rest of the teammates squeeze themselves in. I so regret wearing mini skirt la.... i think first round was won by team 1.

So during round 2, the folded the newspaper in half and with the same rules, everyone is to squeeze themselves in again. i remembered just staring at horror and thinking, how is this possible. i think its kinda chaotic but fun. I think round 2 was won by us.. and then round 3 won by the other team.. (can't remember liau) Got 3 rounds ma?!

Another game was each team had to wrap up baloons using wrapping papers and ribbons. But, each of us can only use our left hand, right hand have to put behind. -_-"

To cut story short, our team lost but we still have presents! =P

Its full of chocolates inside but my team mates didn't eat much, so i end up bring a lot of them home. And my brother hamtam them all! T_T Boo Hooo

And then we sing to chrismas carols with Jamy playing the guitar. Yay, l love singing chrismas songs~ =P

First Time i see him play guitar! so cool la!! XD

The party ends roughly around 9.30 a.m. and before we left, we were being given this really nice gift.

Needless to say, the chocolates are also hamtam by my brother. He is more of a chocolate freak than i am kwa. haha

I really had a great time there. Get to eat great food, meet new and old friends, play games, sing and got presents to receive, of course i was having fun! XD

Monday, December 25, 2006

Keith & Yun's Wedding on 23 Dec 2006

Merry Christmas, everyone~

As stated on the above topic, i am posting Keith & Yun's wedding event! ~ (wah 2 days late...)
i really did try my best to take pic but i think i m just not born to be a camera person
being short and small is one of the biggest disadvantages i found

*Warning: this post may be laggy due to the amount of pictures i uploaded

At Yun's Place (Da Bride)

The Make up artist & Pei Jia help the bride getting ready

Frankly, i am not that familiar with chinese wedding tradition... i know i know, i am a chinese (very diu lian hor) . This is only the 2nd time i attended a friend's wedding and during both time, the set up is the same at the pic above. Jewelleries & Gold being display on the bed, together with open luggages (with cash) , pillows tied in red ribbon or string...

Putting the veil on.. wearing the shoes...

Isn't she the prettiest girl? I found it so true that woman indeed look her prettiest on her wedding day. I wonder how would i look like if one day i am wearing a wedding gown.
Will i look fat and blotty? dress too long cause i am short?
Will i look funny with heavy make up? hmmm....

Sara, Me, Yun, Pei Jia, Jessica

Me & Yun

At sometime about 8.40 a.m.,
The Groom arrived with his gangs of armies
at the bride's house
intending to snatch away the bride

Look at Keith, he looks so proud

Before they could come in.... they have to pass some of our tests first
The tests aren't so hard. Just Wasabi Tuna sandwiches and Lemons.
According to the boys later, the sandwiches actually taste good -_-"

Can you all see Heng ko's expression?
he is the guy on the left behind the gate there...
must be the lemon?
o! his weakness is lemon ma?

What caused this guy in the middle to have such expression o??!
they look like caged animals hor? hehe.

Anyway, they passed the test easily and came in...


After taking the above pic, i went behind the groom to take a picture with him
his expression remains the same -_-" Frozen liau ka?

Me & my heng ko (god brother)
He was one of the "brother" for the groom

Ok, So after they all had their breakfast, it's time to langgar the bride's room

The groom stepped on my bare foot while he was still wearing his leather shoes....
Si beh pain lo.... -_-" Considering his height and size... and my height and size!

Look at how Keith grinned, he finally got his bride!
& there are on their way after the long tea ceremony....

Arriving at Keith's House

so so romantic hor? hehe

Dinner at Manggis Mall Ballroom

Blur Blur Usher at work

As a food blogger (or trying to be),
naturally i will take pictures of our dishes.

The Menu
Deluxe hot and cold combination platter

Braised fish Mow Soup with Seafood
Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with "Thai" Sauce
Butter Prawn

Braised Vegetarian Abalone slices , Mushroom with Broccoli

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Ok! Enough on food.. makes me hungry only. Its 3 a.m. now , for god sake!

Me & Nonnie (the super blogger)
Nonnie really is 越来越有女人味了!!!
Gosh... look at my eye bag.. i didnt sleep dao the night before ar!! T_T

Nonnie had been kind enough to teach me some photographic skill (or tips) because my skill is so louya, cannot hold camera steadily, take picture also blur and don't know how to play with the different mode and function in my camera...
We sat at different table so i had to keep on curi-ing over to her table in between meals...

Me & Sara, the sexy babe

Bobby, Nonnie, Me (at the back), Hong & their friend

Me with Orange & her daughter & her husband

Me & Kui Yu (Yun's Brother)

Jessica, Sara [Front L-R]
Kui Yu, Me [Back L-R]

Ko's fren, Me, Nonnie & Heng ko

Me & The Newly wed couple

Me & Heng Ko =p

Can spot me?

So, once again, Congratulation to Keith & Yun,
Enjoy your honeymoon and dun forget my souvenior hor (thick skin =p)
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