Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Sony T10 Camera (n its Pink)

On 27 november 2006, i log onto QQestore and ordered myself this Sony Camera as mentioned in the topic above. i had specifically requested for pink colour. i had did survey on price check on most of the camera store in Brunei. A lot of places are either out of stock, not for sell or just plain too expensive in comparison.

As i a person who love to take picture, i thought its high time i get a new camera already. And this Pink T10 really really attracted me lo. After much much and many nights of consideration, i just go register in the QQ website and bought it. i also requested it to be order on an Urgent basis because i intend to take lots of pics for Winnie's wedding on 7 December 2006. And to be able to do that, i must have a camera first right

I called QQ store on the morning of 4 December and the saleslady told me the camera would only arrive on the 6 December 2006. I was kind of disappointed that it can't arrive earlier but to my surprised, they called me later in the afternoon and told me the camera is ready for collection. I was so happy and excited. I went to collect it after work. The lady at the counter quite kasar la. i saw how she handled my box, just "pek" it on top of the table like that. i saw oso heart pain.

The free gifts consists of 1GB memory card, a leather casing and a screen protector

The Front View

The Side View
*the description says its credit card slim le...-_-"
if credit card is as thick as this, the card merchant oso broke down.

n the Back View

i had my camera battery charged overnight and the 2nd day, i went to Mall and tested with a few shots. i am still unfamiliar with the function so don't know night scene have to use what mode....

The Mall
These are the Random pics i took around lo
Several shops already got xmas decorations and playing christmas songs oredi
so nice!!

Me with the fake snowman~ XD

i Super Love Christmas. hehe

i think i need to get spare battery for my camera.. anyone know which shop i can get from.. i check out a few shops and they told me don't have sony battery for sale le!


Anonymous said...

But you still gotta master your photographing skill.

With that 7.2MP pink baby, sure can take nice photos one.

My lauyah one only 5.0MP nya...

one said...

why is nonnie king 4 continuous posting the same thing???!!!

ok, anyway.. is dat camera good? functions how? quality nice?
i've heard that sony is really lousy at producing cameras until recently when it started to improve...

and yeah.. it isn't credit card thin~ dat's a definite lie!!

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

would probably need to take a while to play around with my camera lo.. king, Your 5 mp also not bad what

all these times before i got this new cam, i being using my bro's motorola fon with 2mp to take pic onli worr

Hwan, not sure on the functionality of the camera yet cos its still very new to me. all i know is my battery only last 130+ mins!!!!

Nonnie said...

Damn! I spammed it. Bloody. Sing Yin, can you delete the extra comments off? It makes me look like an idiot here. Hhehhee

one said...

wow.. only 130 mins.. now dat would really suck.

actually my senior recommend not to buy sony cameras.. those better are canon, fujifilm and another 1 i 4got.. haha~

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