Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kolomee (Mom's Recipe)

My mom's kolomee had never fail to earn praise and lots of thumbs up! It's one of my favourite and once you eat it, you just can't stop!

It's so easy, you can prepare this meal in less than 10 mins!

1 pack of Fresh noodles

for the sauce:-
2 tbsp Light Soya Sauce
1 tbsp Sesame Oil
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
2 tbsp Vinegar
3 tbsp Sweetened Vinegar

a handful of deep-fried red onion (optional)

not sure what sauces are these? Picture shown below here

1. Mix the ingredients for the sauce together and set aside.
2. Boil a wok of water, throw in the noodles and quickly stir for about 10 seconds.
3. Take the noodle out from the wok and lightly wash the half cooked noodles with cold water for a while only.
4. Cook the noodles again for a few seconds and put them into the prepared sauce.
5. Stir & serve

Must try hor!!!

Egg Tarts~

Wee. It's a public holiday today, so happy. can sleep till noon XD

Today, i baked egg tart XD.

Egg Tart is my little bro's absolute favourite and i had been wanting to bake some myself for a long time. Thanks to my mom, who bought me some tart mould from Miri. 6 of them only costs RM4.50. So cheap! It normally costs about BND0.80 cents per piece here le!

After researching different methods, different recipes and different people's opinion, i had decided to try one. This recipe is obtain from Tazz. The recipe is said to be provided by Saint Honore Cake Shop Ltd. Don't know true or not. I personally never heard of the bakery before la. With the advanced technology now and a very convenience thing called "google", i easily found out what this "popular" bakery. Wah, this company has many many many outlets all over Hong Kong le! Its even more ganas than Lavendar bakery. Saint Honore takes cake order online and i think their cake designs are the cutest XD. See for yourself here!!!

Ok, let's share out this really great recipe hor!

by the way, this are the chinese version of the recipe.

i did my tart the way Tazz did. Instead of rolling out the dough and cut them out. i had simply divided them and press them into the tart moulds.

For 10 medium sized tarts

Tart Shells:-
90g butter, room temperature
40g icing sugar
12g egg
170g cake flour
8g evaporated milk

Egg fillings:-
(half-en them would be sufficient for 10 tarts already)
160g eggs
80g caster sugar
50g evaporated milk
210g water

stir all the ingredients for egg fillings together until well blended and filter twice!!

1. Cream the butter and icing sugar together with a wooden spatula till white and creamy for about 2 to 3 mins.

2. Add in the eggs and evaporated milk. Blend well with step no. 1

3. Lastly, add in all the flour and knead them for a while. Thereafter, chill the dough in the fridge for 1 hour.

4. After an hour, divide the chill dough into 10 pieces and press them into the mould. Make sure the thickness are even and trim off excess dough from the edge.

5. Fill the prepared shells with egg fillings for up till 90% full and arrange them into a baking tray.

6. Bake them in a pre-heated oven at 250 degree Celsius for 15 mins or done.

7. Let the tarts cool and after that, turn the tarts to the side and lightly knock at the bottom to loosen the tarts.

As i do not have cake flour in hand, i did a little substitution. I measured out 170 g plain flour first, scoop 2 tbsp out of them and replaced with 2 tbsp of cornflour. i think the plain flour should be about 150 g after scooping them out.

As for the eggs, in order not to waste hor, i break one A size egg and beat them out first, then i measured roughly 12 g for the pastry. i then break/add another two A size eggs into the remaining egg just now and used them for fillings.

The big size eggs buyable from Hua Ho here is roughly 55g each after remove the shell. So i did the maths and figured i have about 153g of eggs there already so no point in breaking another 55g egg, right -_- It works fine by the way.

By the way, it may be advisable to half the egg fillings because there are more than 50% of left over le! so waste ar.... So either you double the tart shell ingredients or reduce to 50% of the fillings ingredients.

I love my tart's crust to be darker so i bake them longer, at about 20 mins.

My mom love my tart, they didn't think it's too sweet and the crust taste a little like cookie and the egg filling does not taste too strongly of egg either. Considering my first attempt, i think my result is quite good =p

This is definitely a recipe worth trying XD

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cooking Class

i had done a lot of things over the past weeks so i am gonna divided them into several posts.

i will start off with my cooking class that i had skip until i finally went to attend for the first time on 11 March 07. Can't blame me for being lazy, morning class started at 8 a.m. le & afternoon class started at 2 p.m. i was scheduled to attend the afternoon class. As semangat as i am in learning the art of cooking, i just can't bring myself to climb out of my warm & cosy bed on a Sunday morning at 7+ a.m.! So i had been missing a lot of lessons already until the cooking teacher finally called me up & told me to attend class -_-"

I told her i can't attend the afternoon lessons due to some matters so she asked me to attend the morning class instead. Sigh, morning class ar, means i have to wake up that early on a Sunday le!

My brother keep saying "It's Sunday le. You know what's Sunday for? Its for you to sleep"
My dad, on the other hand commented "your mom already so good in cooking, what for go learn from others again"
My mom " learn other type of cooking also not bad"

So early early i woke up that Sunday, (sigh) and ended up being the first student to arrive O.O

Wahlau eh, apparently, most students will be late but the teacher would go ahead and teach anyway, the late one rugi a little lo.

Ok so the cooking class wasn't exactly what i had imagined it to be. I used to be in the Home Sci club back in STPRI and there were many tables for each students de.. but this.... there is only one long table and we, students here mainly assist (like cracking eggs, cutting meats etc) the teacher in her cooking and see how she do it.

Our lessons:-

Chocolate Cakes


Chicken with Cashew Nut
Kiwi Pudding

The recipes our teacher gave us was written in Malay so i have to guess around. hehe
Class ends roughly before 11 a.m. We each took our share home. When i reached home, my bro was still sleeping. 幸福的家伙!!

Next lesson will start on 31 March i think since its school holiday =P

Monday, March 12, 2007

Long Awaited JB/Singapore Trip during CNY

*warning: may be laggy for 56k dial up user

took me a long time to finally get this post up. hehe

Just to refresh your memory, i went to Singapore on 19 Feb 2007. O_o hey, that's almost a month ago?! wow, really took me that "long" time to post about my trip 0.0

ok, where should we start? how bout a photo of our very Brunei "International" Airport.

It just doesn't look so international when compare with those in KL or SG ... sigh. I think Brunei could do better though

& that's me. Get used to it, i will be posting more of my own pics. hehe

At about 10.30 a.m., we were already on broad RBA Airbus and as always (& for some weird coincidence), our seats were by the wings again。Me & my bro were really bored so we acted cute and play with the camera. For your entertainment, let me presents some of the screenshots taken by me n my bro (our of boredom).

Notice my bro's funny expression? He is like a person with a thousand face 千面人. I am sure he would kill me if he sees this but i am not worry cause he never visit my blog anyway =P

After using Air Asia for so long, i can't even remember what it feels like to have a decent meal on board. -_-"
I can't even bring myself to order the instant noodle on board Air Asia cause i just think its so not worth it plus very and bloody expensive. For an instant noodle cost about RM8 (if i remember correctly)

After reaching Singapore, we straight away drove to Johore Bahru ("JB") & right after we reached my aunt's place at Permas, me and my bro went to Jusco Terbrau to shop!

The shopping mall Jusco is all over JB, its like a Hua Ho in JB. But this Jusco is the largest one in JB , or so i heard, consists of 3 storey high. There is this really hugh book store call Harris at the ground floor, its my favourite stop. i could stand in there for hours and read if i do not have a complaint kid behind my back.

Branded shops take up the ground and first floor whereas restaurants and a cinema took the whole of 2nd floors. There are all sorts of restaurant inside, ranging from italian to japanese to thai to chinese. Prices are not cheap but they are all quality food.

The green tea ice cream!! i never fail to eat it every time i visit there. it costs RM2.50 only.

and the tong luo shao that Doraemon absolutely love. i didn't know the price cause my mom bought it. hehe

Next day, we went to City Square ("CS").

CS is a mall close to the border of JB/SG and also the mall that most Singaporean love to go. Hence, things sell inside are not that cheap either. I didn't really dare to take my camera out so often because my bro thinks it may not be so safe to do so. There are many ojipala (various) types of people around. -_-"

After doing some hard core shopping, we decided to rest our feet somewhere and end up having dinner at this really cute Japanese restaurant call "Nippon Yatai Mura Two". I am afraid this is not a halal restaurant. Their services are excellent. When you walk into the restaurant, there will be many loud voices greeting you with "IRASSHAIMASE" & waitress will come serve you asap.

Each table actually look like a small Japanese stall. Picture as shown below:-

The choices in the menu are limited, cannot be compare with Excapade here. However, the taste are much better in comparison. These were what we had ordered.

Salmon Sushi, Unagi Sushi, Iidako Sushi & Potato Sushi

Chasu Ramen


This Okonomiyaji is just to die for. The pizza is really thick with fillings (using meat that Muslim cannot eat, plus prawn, plus alot of others), then drizzle with Mayonnaise & dry flakes.

While sitting in the taxi and stuck in traffic jam, i suddenly found something interesting along the road...

Straightaway i took out my camera & grab a few shots of these funny looking thingy. There are still more along the highaway. i think if i saw these at night, they might scare the hell out of me.

Forward to our Singapore Trip, we ride taxi to SG from JB which costs about RM10 per head or RM40 for a whole taxi.
We had shop a lot from JB already so we were mainly checking around & sight seeing a little while in SG. We visited the famous Guan Yin Temple

It was about noon when we reached Orchard and as the weather was so hot, we were buying cold drinks everywhere we passed by. I really regretted wearing black -_-"

Orchard was busy with the preparation of the Chingay Parade of Dream that time but i didnt go watch it. I just watch the parade from TV. If i even go to the Parade, i might die from having people stepping on me. However, even from TV, i can see how grand the parade is. XD

Go to Singapore of course must check out the new shopping place, Vivo City de la! Vivo City is really far away from the city.

Saw this really really cute lookin ice cream vendor, i didnt buy any ice cream from them. Just curi curi took pic from afar. =p

& after all that, it's finally time to return to Brunei. Initially, we were planning to return on 26 February 2007. However, there was a delay and due to an overbooking, the staff at the airport were looking for volunteers to stay over for one night with benefits as follows:-

1) SGD$150.00 as allowances for each person
2) free accomodation;
3) free dinner; and
4) free transport to and from the airport.

all these just to stay for one more night. Needless to say, me & my family all volunteered to stay la since we didn't think we shop enough in Singapore anyway (lucky i took an extra day off from work in advance). They had arranged for us to stay at this four star hotel at Katong & gave us 2 deluxe rooms.

*note: in case you are wondering how come there seems to be a pair of leg hanging over the bed & you might thought your eyes are playing trick on you? well, that's my brother there laying face down on the bed.

Woweee~ little heart warming treats for guests

and finally, finally we are returning home on the 27th Feb 07!! After days of insufficient sleep, & me, on the verge of bankrupt-ing myself is finally returning to my own cosy little home.

the free transportation to the Airport from the hotel aka the bus la!

Our late lunch on board. This time got Mars chocolate XD

and for entertainment, we had Simpsons with us!!!

That about summarise my whole CNY trip la~ haha

Syok is syok la, now i will cry (or not) when i receive my latest credit card bill before this month end. The evil of credit cards >.< (shivered)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I am back
I guess no one miss me or notice i am gone also. =P

I came back from Singapore on Tuesday, later than scheduled and went to work on Wednesday without much rest. My complexion is not looking so good now due to lack of sleep abroad. Eye bag, black eye. -_-" will need a while to go back to normal kwa

I haven't unpack my stuff until today actually. Spent the whole afternoon sort out my things and taking out some older clothes from my cupboard so i can fit in those newly bought. I am quite broke now even though i just receive my salary. Haha. used them pay off my credit card. I spent about B$1,200.00 during my trip. Die die. Partly cash and partly credit card.

These are where my hard earned money gone to:-

Must buy some manga or novels whenever visit Malaysia de. Why? Because Brunei don't sell ma. Eventhough i can read the manga online but i still like the feeling of holding a solid book in my hand instead of scrolling the site and waiting for it to load for what seems like eternity. Would have buy more if i could but it was quite tiring to carry bags of books while still shopping ...

And here is the new star of the season in Malaysia.

Yes! It's the black and white pig. Most of the boutique and accessories shops are flooded with these merchadise from bag to clothes, from clock to photo frame. Really a lot. So i cin cai bought a bag, a t-shirt, a wallet and a phone stray accessory.

Here are some clothes. Apparently, its a trend to wear clothes with pictures of skull or crown or wings printed on them. I think it's rather cool & really like them. They are not cheap also

I finally found a shirt punky enough to match the dracula skirt i order from a Japanese website. Haha. i think this one cost about RM60+. Price is still ok although quality is not so good. But no choice, the design good.

There are a few more Blue Toms t-shirt but its just normal t shirt so didn't post them up.

One trip into the World of Cartoon, came out with a big hole in my pocket, i mean wallet.

Don't see these few accessories only. The necklace, earrings & bracelets were bought from Sovena, cost roughly up to RM100 already but they are worth it. Obtained a Sovena priviledge card 'ere

Found Voodoos Mini (the dolls) at Changi Airport in Singapore. They are so adorable & so cute i just have to grab a few! They are bought from Mini Toons ( i even earned myself a priviledge card from all my purchase O_o)

and some other miscellaneous items like bags, magazines, make ups, games etc. A Cleo Magazine from JB, a Female magazine from Singapore.. See my little sign there saying "The Closer U get, the Slower i Go!"? It's one of my favourite, will be sticking them at the back of my car soon cause i absolutely hate those people who like to tail so close to my car. My car is only a Vios bah, not lexus so cannot drive that fast, got limited de wei. Tail me so close also no use what.

These are not all actually. There are some more items that had been kept away so kind of lazy to take them out again. Will be posting about my trip in the next post. Now tired already. yawn zzzz

My biggest regret is that i forgot to buy the Crocs (shoes) when i went to Vivo city in SG. The one i like was a big bright pink colour with mickey head le. cost less than $50. Was thinking of buying it after shopping around the mall but sadly, i forgot about it and went straight back without buying it. Sad dao ...!

So today is the last day of Chinese New Year, gonna eat eat eat again. and then going to go on serious diet starting tomorrow as i believed i had gained quite a few from the past few days.

Sigh.. Will not be baking anymore until i go back to my original weight -_-"

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