Saturday, August 11, 2007

Holiday. yay Holiday~

It's public holiday today and I am not doing any baking or trying out new recipe.

I can't because i will be going to Singapore with my parents tomorrow. Woo Hoo~ I haven't pack yet but I am not planning to bring a big bag of clothes, accessories and cosmetics this time. Cause i found i never really wear some of the clothes i bring. So why waste energy bring so many.

So, this time I am going to take my small gym bag and fit in a couple of set of clothes enough to last me for 5 days. So i will chuck everything in the cargo and take a Horrible Histories book with me + my ipod Nano + passport + small bag onboard.

I am going to have a relaxing holiday. Not to go big shopping like last time. I will buy a few things only and take my time eating cakes. I am not going to buy many many clothes like last time. I am not going to use my credit card more than 3 times.

That's the plan. Haha. But can follow or not, i don't have any idea. We will be staying at Singapore for 2 or 3 days and then move to Johore to visit my aunt.

Looking forward to tomorrow =x

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bakelyn - Virgin Visit

Some of you may not know but Bakelyn is a new bakery that is open at Kiulap, just next to Baiduri Bank.

I was intending to buy myself some chocolate mud cake. I got the chance to try on it during my lawyer's birthday and i was hooked. Their mud cake is really really good. It is very very rich in chocolate!

I went there on an early evening. Their window display of cakes were empty much to my disappointment. I asked the lady boss and she said they still have fudge cake in the kitchen. So, i bought this heart shape Chocolate Fudge cake, costing $4.90. The fudge cake is the cutest thing! The strawberry was dipped in white chocolate and was decorate as a tuxedo with dark chocolate XD Wahh!

The fudge cake was a bit sweeter than the mud cake. I would prefer the deep richness of the chocolate found in the mud cake though.

The lady boss was introducing their donuts to me. She told me that their donuts were one of the most popular. I bought the Custard Donut and Strawberry Donut at 90 cents each. Reasonable prices. Also chocolate Donut at $1.20.

Their Custard Donut is refreshing and not oily. And the chocolate sauce on top of the chocolate donut is of belgium chocolate and not sweet at all. I couldn't take picture of the donuts because it was all eaten by brother when i brought them home. Sigh. My brother said it's the best donuts you can ever find in Brunei.

She also told me that they only use the best quality in their ingredients. Their cakes are usually $40 per kg. A bit pricey but i think it's well worth the price. They have chocolates pralines for sell, suitable as gift and also home made ice cream.

And get this, their chef is from Sheraton!!! No wonder taste so good.

I intro my brother to order the Chocolate mud cake for his friend's birthday at Bakelyn. All his friends love the cake.

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