Saturday, August 11, 2007

Holiday. yay Holiday~

It's public holiday today and I am not doing any baking or trying out new recipe.

I can't because i will be going to Singapore with my parents tomorrow. Woo Hoo~ I haven't pack yet but I am not planning to bring a big bag of clothes, accessories and cosmetics this time. Cause i found i never really wear some of the clothes i bring. So why waste energy bring so many.

So, this time I am going to take my small gym bag and fit in a couple of set of clothes enough to last me for 5 days. So i will chuck everything in the cargo and take a Horrible Histories book with me + my ipod Nano + passport + small bag onboard.

I am going to have a relaxing holiday. Not to go big shopping like last time. I will buy a few things only and take my time eating cakes. I am not going to buy many many clothes like last time. I am not going to use my credit card more than 3 times.

That's the plan. Haha. But can follow or not, i don't have any idea. We will be staying at Singapore for 2 or 3 days and then move to Johore to visit my aunt.

Looking forward to tomorrow =x

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