Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine Day!!

To all Singles, not availables, engages & marries..

Happy Valentine Day~~

My brother was sweet enough to buy me a stuff cow last night (not after i nag for a while. hehe) and also a million thanks to Willyn Florist's Ah San for giving a rose. So sweet of her.

My brother ordered a dozen red roses from them at B$150. We woke up really early this morning just to pick up the roses so he can surprise his girlfriend, who turn out to be not so surprise after all =/

Pretty or not.

Willyn Florist (at Kuilap next to Taurean Cafe) has the best packaging around and i heard that their flowers are of high quality that come from overseas. They are a bit pricey but its worth it la.

and this is my gift from the florist, Ah San who knows me since i was very young.

This is the first time i ever receive a rose on valentine. *o*

This is the pink moo moo that my brother bought from from Knic Knac last night ~ XD

I am happy this year.. in a way XP
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