Sunday, March 04, 2007


I am back
I guess no one miss me or notice i am gone also. =P

I came back from Singapore on Tuesday, later than scheduled and went to work on Wednesday without much rest. My complexion is not looking so good now due to lack of sleep abroad. Eye bag, black eye. -_-" will need a while to go back to normal kwa

I haven't unpack my stuff until today actually. Spent the whole afternoon sort out my things and taking out some older clothes from my cupboard so i can fit in those newly bought. I am quite broke now even though i just receive my salary. Haha. used them pay off my credit card. I spent about B$1,200.00 during my trip. Die die. Partly cash and partly credit card.

These are where my hard earned money gone to:-

Must buy some manga or novels whenever visit Malaysia de. Why? Because Brunei don't sell ma. Eventhough i can read the manga online but i still like the feeling of holding a solid book in my hand instead of scrolling the site and waiting for it to load for what seems like eternity. Would have buy more if i could but it was quite tiring to carry bags of books while still shopping ...

And here is the new star of the season in Malaysia.

Yes! It's the black and white pig. Most of the boutique and accessories shops are flooded with these merchadise from bag to clothes, from clock to photo frame. Really a lot. So i cin cai bought a bag, a t-shirt, a wallet and a phone stray accessory.

Here are some clothes. Apparently, its a trend to wear clothes with pictures of skull or crown or wings printed on them. I think it's rather cool & really like them. They are not cheap also

I finally found a shirt punky enough to match the dracula skirt i order from a Japanese website. Haha. i think this one cost about RM60+. Price is still ok although quality is not so good. But no choice, the design good.

There are a few more Blue Toms t-shirt but its just normal t shirt so didn't post them up.

One trip into the World of Cartoon, came out with a big hole in my pocket, i mean wallet.

Don't see these few accessories only. The necklace, earrings & bracelets were bought from Sovena, cost roughly up to RM100 already but they are worth it. Obtained a Sovena priviledge card 'ere

Found Voodoos Mini (the dolls) at Changi Airport in Singapore. They are so adorable & so cute i just have to grab a few! They are bought from Mini Toons ( i even earned myself a priviledge card from all my purchase O_o)

and some other miscellaneous items like bags, magazines, make ups, games etc. A Cleo Magazine from JB, a Female magazine from Singapore.. See my little sign there saying "The Closer U get, the Slower i Go!"? It's one of my favourite, will be sticking them at the back of my car soon cause i absolutely hate those people who like to tail so close to my car. My car is only a Vios bah, not lexus so cannot drive that fast, got limited de wei. Tail me so close also no use what.

These are not all actually. There are some more items that had been kept away so kind of lazy to take them out again. Will be posting about my trip in the next post. Now tired already. yawn zzzz

My biggest regret is that i forgot to buy the Crocs (shoes) when i went to Vivo city in SG. The one i like was a big bright pink colour with mickey head le. cost less than $50. Was thinking of buying it after shopping around the mall but sadly, i forgot about it and went straight back without buying it. Sad dao ...!

So today is the last day of Chinese New Year, gonna eat eat eat again. and then going to go on serious diet starting tomorrow as i believed i had gained quite a few from the past few days.

Sigh.. Will not be baking anymore until i go back to my original weight -_-"


one said...


All the stuffs u bought so nice.. the clothes, the accessories and of course the books(bwahahaha... get my hint??)

So like the shirts u bought. So school style.. even got necktie eh~ (making me so 'gian') The red punky one oso so nice... (=^w^=)
The piggy stuffs r so cute... really popular now leh..

Ur making me so wanna go abroad.. b..but.. budget.. *sob sob*(circling my finger in a corner)

Well A~nyway... hope u had a great time. Ciao~

Nonnie King said...

Finally! A post!

Wah lao eh..even though it's year of boar, no need buy so many piggies to "cheng xing' mah.

Apparently, we wouldn't be shopping mates.

But be comic mates lah.

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

One, i know what you are hinting la. Have to wait for me to finish reading first. Not yet touch my new books cause read yours oso "beh hu" lol. You still young ma, you will have your budget soon after you start working =P

King, bo bien, like i say, every where i go also got those pig. It's like they keep telling me to buy them!

become comic mates also not bad le. I never really have any comic mates. It seems like at our age, not many people like comics... let me think ar, those i know who actually read comic are you and Sze wei -_-" cant think of any other people liau

one said...

Jz noticed those 'cross' accesories u bought. They're like sooOO~~ COOL!!!! I've always liked those patterns punya accesories but i'm no christian so i din really buy. But now dat I think of it.. Christian or not oso not a problem, right?

Woo~ Next time i spot any nice crosses, i'm so gonna buy them..


SY, u 'man man' read, no need rush.. hehe~

Whee~~~(wheeing away from here..)

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

yalo, me and my bro not christian. but then a lot of our accessories got cross also =P

Anonymous said...

You Car sign is cool. Where you bought it in JB?

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