Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007!!!

Before i go on my holiday, i feel the need to at least post up something and wish all my chinese friends:-


Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me update a bit on what i did while i was missing in action.

Last Weekend, i was mass baking, from the minute i reached home after work on Saturday afternoon & then baked the whole day on Sunday. Baked until all my shirts worn on that 2 days smells of butter, egg & flour. What worse was the smell stay on my shirt and i don't really have the desire to wear them again. My house was filled with the fragrant of butter for days from the kitchen until 1st floor and the tiles are oily... sigh. Mom was not really happy i guess.

These are the stuff i bake:-
anyone wanna buy from me? haha

The Cornflake Cookies

Melting Moments
recipes for this will be post soon hor

Kuih Mor

As for Valentine's Day, i did not receive any gift or what la.. but see people's expression when she receives gift or flowers are also a nice one. hehe. I hereby post a picture of Patrina holding her big bouquet with her happy expression. hehe

However, i did made some mint truffles as a gift for some people though. It was my first time making these truffles. So sasak & they don't really look good. But they taste good though.

I spend the night of the V-day with her watching that new movie, Music & Lyrics by Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore. This is really a great comedy romance! The song are nice, the story are funny. Definitely a must watch for those who haven't watch it. You will have the opportunity to watch Hugh Grant trying to dance and shake around. Haha. I think the duet song in the movie is rather romantic.

Yesterday, i receive this lovely Patchi chocolate as a chinese new year gift. XD
so nice le

I am flying on Monday and i haven't start my packing yet.. so lazy. hehe, maybe tomorrow la... tomorrow..

Most likely won't update anything until i return from my holiday on the 28th.
I am trying very hard not to think of what my work table is going to be like when i return >.<

Bah, Have a great holiday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

one said...

Hey hey...
Happy Chinese New Year~~

Not yet wish u personally but hav to wait 4 u to come back 1st..

Hav a great holiday and don 4get my ang pao. Ur cookies n cakes looks so nice... (i'm already hinting u... *ahem*)

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