Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Story Continue From last post (Graduation Ceremony)

so so so pai sei... it took me more than one week to continue the story.... =P

so its Picture Posting time today!!!
Is it more appropriate to call Picture Story? Ok so this is what happened during the ceremony on 26 Nov 2006 ("wah so long time ago now baru post" - probably said by some of u readers right now)

Bleh, Ya, i was bored bah, i woke up early at 7 a.m. , reached there at 8.10 a.m. n then waiting for guests of honour to arrive... u know la, guest of honour always late one... suld have sleep more.. zzz

ok ok, lets start properly....

was drivin n takin pics at the same time!! hehe. No law saying we cant take pics n drive at the same time right?? i was bery proud of myself tat i didnt get lost on the way cos this is my first time driving on my own.

This is IPA, the place where i graduated from my Japanese class for 2 consecutive years already. (very proud *ahem)

I parked at the side n slowly crawl my way to the entrance... seemed so far away... i saw many empty space in the parking lot and onli 2 people there walking toward the building. I look at the time, my fon said 8.10 a.m.
Then, i knew... i was too early la!!!!

When i reached the hall at the 2nd floor, i realised that 2 of my frens were oredi there, earlier than me n more semangat?!
Arent they cute?!

So these are what we do before ceremony, taking pics

The guy on the right is Low-san with his wife (what we all address him as) I can never remember his full name. He is also another one of my classmate .

So we were taking some decent pics here and there lo...
sigh, i the oldest among the 3 of us ar!!!!

Well, gradually, we started to play around , making faces or acting cute. We were using Patrina's camera and her camera allows us to self take picture without going out of "box" . Great camera ar, Thanks Pat!

so really, this is what happened when 3 big heads try to squeeze into a small camera screen. i really don't know how to squeeze in

So people are starting to file into the hall (the guest of honour still not yet arrive..)
and we managed to curi curi took a pic of our sensei together without them knowing

Focus on the 2 ladies in the middle of the pic. focus hor. the one wearing gray colour holding a green booklet is our Nitta Sensei and the one on the right beside her is our Sim Sensei.

Frankly, i think both are excellent teachers. My scores had been good. First year, i was 96%? this year was 94%.

We were later on told to separate ourselves, male on the left side and female on the right side
These are people on our right and behind us

During Ceremony
(when the guest of honour was doing the talking)

we were.....

playing rock, paper, scissors....
we even went as far as.... (using foot)
heh, we were very boring

During Certificate Presentation

we lined up not accordingly to collect our certificates. We knew from our past experiences that we just randomly line up and ran up the stage eventhough the name being called is not ours. n then the prize presentor will randomly give us the certificates which we need to exchange with each other down the stage.

Normally, its consider quite rude to go around changing certificates when the ceremony is still goin on. but we never care =P We won't sit still until we get our hand on our own certificates.

When we get our certs, we sit still and take more pics. Won't we ever stop taking pics??!

That's me (if u still didn't know) proudly holding my certificates.

Don't believe me? See my name there? printed in solid black inks

The Gals holding their certs in triumph

Finally, after the Ceremony

We were hungry, we can't wait to go to the dining hall and eat. We paid B$10 for this ceremony.
When we see people standing up and wanting to leave, we chiong to the dining hall.
I was really not letting people to dine in peace. =P

After eating, i send Pei Hwan home, which is in Rimba, like i said during the last post, i had quite an adventure over there. i will continue the story in due course.

Going to go sleep already and seeing this food just make me hungry. Sien


Anonymous said...

Yay~~! Wonder when's my next graduation .. hmmmm....

one said...

Do ya hav to really 'kan tu suo gu shi' kah? N there's even a lot of our pics.. omg..!!

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

oh, u r Pei Hwan kah~
i think all the pics are cute le..

one said...

The date on the pictures really spoiled the pictures...
Hrmm.. nxt time shud really get rid of it.

Oh yeah, jz remembered sthg funny happened. Dat day 'Khairul' din recognise me.. He even asked sc who i was.. I answered 'I'm ur classmate' n then said dat i'm the one always wif sc but i think he mistook it for 'i'm sc's classmate'

He shud get his ears checked.. lol

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