Sunday, November 26, 2006

Graduation Day (Japanese class)

(pics will be upload into this post tomolo so pls cek this blog again okie!!)

Today i finally graduated my second year Japanese class. Ya, i knew i pass my exam last month but i onli knew the result this morning. i got 94% !!! woot!!! but but but, i was placed in the position 14 among the whole class.. i think got 5 person scored 100% le!! >.<

Graduation Ceremony took place at IPA (somewhere at the Perpindahan Rimba there) and starts at 8.30 a.m (as told by teacher) However, when i reached there around 8.10 a.m. i think not even 1/4 of the people has arrived. Cos most people were late, typical Bruneian -_-"

I noticed year one juniors got some "power" dresser. There is one cute chinese gal, her hair style is really cool and she was wearing punky clothes just like those my bro always wore (for those who know my bro, u know his style of dressing, like out of Brunei type). I am 100% sure she did not get the clothes in Brunei! cos the dracula like skirt looks like something me and my bro order online (ya, those cool clothes we hab are ordered online one and bloody expensive). I was like a pyscho maniac trying to catch her in film but not successful.

Another junior year 1 gal was wearing a kimono, the kimono looks like a DIY but she makes an effort of wearing it. Another junior gal was wearing wat looks like a ninja clothes O.o

They really put us year 2 seniors to shame.

So during the ceremony, me, Pei Hwan and Sin Cheah was chatting and not paying attention to the talk given by... erm (duno who) so we were suprised when there was excited whispers and talking all of a sudden halfway. We cek around and found out that the Continuing Education is gonna open a Korean Class next year. Tat's explains the students' excitement.

So i decidedly to join Korean class , in addition to my Japanese 3 and cooking class next year. Initially was planning to join French class but i cant do 3 languages at the same time. I might end of speaking Korean in French class or vice versa.

So Tomolo up till Wednesday is Registration day. It seems tat i wont be able to curi out of work hence its also decided that Xio Li will go hand in the registration.

To be continue tomorrow (this post will be edited. thanks~ )

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