Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dinner @ Thiam Hock

Me & my family went to Thiam Hock for dinner to Celebrate my advanced bday on last (Saturday) nite... actual bdate is on Monday hor *hint hint?

As we are all small eaters, we onli ordered the S size. =P

Our Orders: -

i forgot wat soup is dis la.. cos its ordered by my parents..

Pai Ku Wang >>>
this is our favourite dish
very delicious, bery tasty XD

Jiang Chong Ru Ruo
(spring onion fried deer meat)

Suan Tian Yu Pian
(Sweet n Sour Fish)

Tia Pan Tou Fu
(Claypot tofu)

Xiau Pai Chai
(Little white vegetable?! hehe)

My family consist of four person onli including me. We ordered all the small sized dishes, n yet we cant finish and hab to *ta pao

*ta pao = take away


Anonymous said...

Thiam Hock's food usually quite nice but pricey a bit .. hee hee... cannot finish ah?

Your family if got one brother macam me = everytime no need tapao. hahah

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

i got a younger brother. but he is not a big eater oso

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