Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How i spent my 25th Bday on 13 Nov 2006~ XD

Some of my frens had been nice enuff to throw me a small bday gathering. i don't really know who was there until i arrived w kunyul, i mean Harold. ALl i know is that Xio Li & Kunyul asked me to go dinner last nite.

I got off work early at somewhere after 5 p.m. Not really in the mood for working cos its my bday ma.. =P . i came home, take out the baju i wanna wear (hang it on my cupboard there la) & then went to shower lo. When i come back from my shower.. i found something different about it, like got something hanging around the neck of the pink sweater i took out....

When look more closely ar.... there's a necklace like thingy there. so i take an even more closer look.. this is wat i found. XD wahh!! its a teddy bear necklace in Jack version (da Jack from Nitemare before Xmas ba). So like an excited child, i rushed to my bro's room with the necklace in hand

Me: "what is dis. what is dis, what is dis, what is dis??!!"
Bro just continue playing his Disgaea II n asked me back "
wah, wat is tat?!"

haha , i knows its a present from him ah but he malu to admit it. Thanks bro~ XD

I showed my mom the necklace oso (well, she think it looks weird la. but not me of cos XD) Haha, was so happy. But my happiness for the nite doesnt stop here.. My bro was sweet enuff to lend me his Motorola handfon so tat i can take pics o

At 7 p.m., i drove to Gadong to pick Kunyul, erm, i mean Harold cos he said he duno how to go to Mei Fang. Ya, Mei Fang is the place we r going to hab dinner at.

n these are the peeps are i found, to my shocking surprised!!!!

This is the first pig i found. Patrina was still wearing her office wear
(me so surprised to find her here!!!)

This is my other suprised.. to find Sylvia there (the gal on the right) The gal on the left is not big news, i knew she would be there from the start oredi. hehe

The last pair who suprised me lagi are:-

Ya, its JR (oso in his office wears) n his gf

o ya, n this is Kunyul, i mean Harold below here of cos

Not so many ppl but nice enuff gathering oredi. We had steam boat for dinner

Looks yummy le~ but all raw de of cos

Not to forget the eggs n the bee hoon n the mee

After we wu liau ppl finished taking pics of da food, we start cooking:-

Look at Xio Li's expression, so serious ar....
o ya, she is the first person who approach the pot first. shows how hungry she is huh

Me: "i wan tofu, tofu!! Help me cook the tofu la.
o wait, i wan egg, some1 cook egg for me pls"

Liang Chai n Mei Nu Cooking~ i just sit there n take fotos onli
priceless eh~ XD

Bah Eating Time oredi la, wan to cook till when, hungry lo

Yay, tofu!! i got the tofu
JR was nice enuff to help me cook the egg & help me take some of the food. really my good PPA!! XD

Harold: "Anyone Eat Chili?"
We all: "No wor"
Harold: "then i eat lo"
Me: "Eeeee"

Eat eat eat

finished everything except the eggshells n some pieces of veggies -_-"

Bua.. Finish Eatin oredi, they brought out a cake for me.. how sweet of them =P i so touched.. sob T__T

Xio Li's "Amazing" candle arrangments

n then they sing after i make a wish n blow the candle
(i too fast kwa...)
"Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to...... (long pause. bery) ....
Happy Birthday to you"

**u guys forgot my name there right?

Really cute n colourful ice cream cake o

It was presents open time after tat, i onli took pics of the presents when i reached home . hehe
These ppl ar, when i was opening present, duno discuss wat, kui kui sui sui de. Yuan lai their obj is to smear cake on my face!! Can say le, this is the first time in my 25 yrs some1 do facial for me with cake. LOL, but it was fun, i had a really great time o!! u guys, Thank you so much! Love u all!! Muakz

Pressies Pressies (pic i took at home) n Words of Thanks from Me

So after opened its like this.... :0

Let me intro intro the gifts hor, starting from right:-

1) There is a pair of earring n a necklace chipped at the side of the little box there de le. its given by Pat, Kunyul n JR (Thanks u guys!) Can see the gifts ma? lai i zoom. o Ya, the love letter with the label " 4 Serene's eyes only" was from Pat

2) The Card in the front standing vertically with 3 colourful window pane is given by Sylvia & Xio Li (Gals, the card is bery nice looking o, i like)

3) The grey colour looking mini cabinet thingy is given by Xio Li. Yay, just the thing i need to keep all my accessories n fake jewelleries ar!! n such cute pigs as well!!! (Thanks a lot, Xio Li)

4) A Memoirs of Geisha novel from Pei Juian. I had always wanted to read this book cos i heard tat its good. i m so touched that u still remember. T_T Thanks

5) n finally the teddy bear necklace i love so much given by my younger bro, Fun. Thanksie~

Thanks again u all, for everything, for the gathering, for the presents, for spending time with me on my big n important days. i too gan dong le . sob sob T_T (**sniff)

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King said...

So sweet of your friends.

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