Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Sunday Part II - K-Box n Death Note

So after KFC, the 3 of us was supposely go to K-Box but we end up goin to Best Eastern. i was bringin them along and browsing through the cookbook section n i end up buying 2 cook books...

Selected Desserts & Slimming Desserts XD just simply cant resist bah. hence, i brought these 2 cookbooks to the counter. There were 2 counter ladies there.

Me: "Can discount ka?"
Pei Hwan n Sin Cheah burst out laffing when they heard me saying that
Counter Lady: "no, its fixed price.. u wan to buy slimming dessert of cos is not cheap one"
Me: "o , okie lo"
Lady: "But...."
O_O waiting in anticipation for her to finish
Lady: "After u make, u bring them for us to eat then we can gib u discount lo"

-.-" (sweat drop)

After coming out from the bookstore, we went to the underground Mall in search for some sweet to soot my poor throat.
Sin Cheah bought the old fisherman while i bought 3 packs of the Woods peppermint Lozenges

Finally, we proceed to ascent to the top floor and to the arcade XD Wee wee, singin time~

JR did not lie to me, there are really new K-Box booth ar, new booth can change mike and sound volume and got some new songs. We chose one of the booth in the middle of the row and after playing one song, we realised the mikes don't work in there, faulty kwa...

so we change to another empty booth to the left. We came out quickly soon after because there was 3 guys, looking hamsap-ly keep staring at us from the next booth (the side booth is transparent glass de bah)... so we changed to the very last corner booth of the row (the place where ppl can turn a corner n can still see us). All the while keep got stupid guys knocking at our glass door, one of them even went to the extend of sticking his face on the glass door n stared at us openly. %*@%*$&^@ wat, they never seen 3 cute gals singing before is it.

Well, we ignored them n still have real fun taking photos using Sin Cheah's new nikon digital camera and singing/screaming to the songs. hehe, no choice, when the volume is high, have to sing really loud ar.

We sang Chao Chao by JJ, Bei Feng Chui Guo de Xia Tian by JJ also, Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou by JJ ..XD
baru i know this Sin Cheah is also a fan of JJ, like me, we fren fren ar =P

We also sing erm, Li Ji Han's mimpi, Xing Guang from SHE, smtg Rang man shou ji from Jay Zhou (onli Sin Cheah know how to sing this song.. Me & Pei Hwan a bit lost there...)

singing is so fun but so tired at K-Box. i suppose that's one of the reason my sore throat gotten worse. We paused to rest in between some songs after too much "shouting" hehe

somewhere in between of singing n we a bit tired there...

Sin Cheah: "Not to worry, i got fisherman!!!!"
Me: "Ya, i got my Woods"
Pei Hwan: " .... -_-" ..."

We spent most of times choosing songs n cannot make up our mind lo. We finished singing at around 4 p.m. We went to the washroom first before collecting our tickets (due to collected at 4.15 p.m.) I went into one the cubicle in the middle, the door canot be close (like come off the hinges like tat) so i wan to come out lo. When i tried to open the door, i found it was stuck, real hard. so malu, i was calling out to the gals for help and Pei Hwan hab to come "kick" the door open -_-" so malu

After collecting out tickets, we went to take pic with the poster (L is so cute!!!). We were so excited as we went inside, getting ourselves 2 bucket of popcorn before then. XD

But then, the beginning of the movie was a let down, Raito Yagami is suppose to be a cool person le, but in the movie, he is betting money and acting so uncool!! Booo!! Our onli joy is when L came out. Hehe, especially the way he tok on the fon n the way he suck his finger n bite his nails while thinking hard. XD kawaii~~~

Overall, it wasnt so bad. not as bad as my bro said. At the end of the movie, theres a preview for Part 2 of the movie showing Misa Misa being torture (chained down to a chair O.o <<>

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