Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rebecca's Spaghetti

Its my Cooking Sunday again~

Today i cook up 3 dishes for lunches,

1. Spaghetti
2. Macaroni & Cheese
3. Deep Fried Potato Balls

Recipe from Rebecca

1. Tomato Sauce (medium can size)
2. Tomato Paste (small can size)
3. Button Mushroom (1 can, chopped into slices hor)
4. Garlic
5. Onion
6. Minced Meat
7. Sausages
8. Green capsicum (sliced)
9. 1 tbsp chili sauce
10. Sugar n salt n pepper
11. Water (yr own preference)
12. Cheese (Optional)

1. Fried the garlic till brown colour than put in the minced meat until cooked. Add Onions and button mushroom n sausages n stir fried for a while.
2. Pour in the Tomato Sauce n Tomato Paste, stir... add in some water (depend on how thickness u wan the sauce to be, if u prefer watery, u can add more water)
3. Put in sliced green capsicum n then let it boil for a while
4. Add in tat 1 tbsp of chili sauce , some sugar, salt n pepper lo.
5. All done

1. Boil hot water
2. Cook the pasta as instructed from the package
3. drain pasta n then coat it with a little bit of butter or oil to prevent it from sticking (after it grow cold)

Onto my 2nd dish of the day (next post....)

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