Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sugar & Spice (Arabic Restaurant)

Pain Pain Pain.. its oredi so serious that i am finding it hard to eat and even to tok properly. i been using sign language in the office, having Pat guessing here n there and avoid toking unless necessary cos its just too painful to tok >.<

Medicine not working de... i am craving for Roti Telur le!!

So i brought porridge to office for lunch today mah... the porridge was quite thick , like oatmeal n i find it hard to swallow oso, hab to add lots of hot water until the whole things is watery (wah, i feel like an Ah Ma (Grandma) eating le).

But then, when i was almost done with my watery porridge. Some ppl convinced me n Pat to go lunch at Sugar & Spice.... wah lau, i sore throat le, wan to make it more worse ar? sob sob T_T so tempting le....

This is the first time we go to Sugar & Spice, its an Arabic restaurant.. Food is quite expensive but taste not bad la.. n there is no air con -_-"

We duno wat to order cos dun understand the menu so we just chose from the pictures.

this is Jazz Mazz or smtg. cant remember the exact name. hehe . Its lamb, JR oso oredered the exact same thing but its chicken...

Lamb taste better o.. i think this dish is like B$7.00?

Its bery cheesy n actually feels like pasta. Really nice lo

Not sure whether we were eating the right way or not, but we tore off some of the bread n were spreading the meat onto it...

This one is... erm duno call wat... got 4 pieces of Lamb sausages underneath there de plus sauces that look like tomato purees...

I onli ate a little of the sausages cos its heavy with black pepper, not good for my "injured" throat hor... but ya, this is another nice dish oso.

My Ice Lemon , nothing special la.. cos i sore throat ma, so order this to try n relieve my throat a little while painfully "swallowing" the above dishes

Not a bad experience there. n we oso no need to pay~ hehe, boss belanja =P

**Credits given for Pat for taking the pics with her fon n taking the time to send it to me. Without her, this post would not be possible~ XD (*ouch ouch)

This had gotta be the worse sore throat i ever hab. >.<

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Anonymous said...

Some nice food. I havn't been there yet but will try it someday

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