Saturday, December 23, 2006

O Christmas Gifts, Adv. Xmas celebration @ Capers

Today's news! Congratulation to Keith & Yun for their wedding today!!!
(will be posting the wedding pics soon kwa...)

"Hmm... 22nd December 2006 is a good day" my feeling was telling me yesterday
Why? Because i am taking leave on 23rd and i won't be working till 27th!!! (yay! Boss give us holiday till 26th!)
Its also Dong Jie whereby we all eat Tang Yuan...
Ahem anyway, yesterday i received two (2) christmas gifts!
It's not christmas yet and i m not a christian, yet i received these gifts.

First Xmas Gift

This is my first gift of the day. Kunyul suddenly came up to the 2nd floor holding this yellow bag and singing Merry Christmas (i thought he got possessed or what -_-") and then "piak" this bag onto my messy office table.

i Remembered lookin at him with round, shocking eyes. I knew this cannot be from him la!

"What's this?! For me ka? From who?" Me
"Got a note inside wah, u read la" Kunyul Harold

Harold was playing around with that dolphin stick and obviously thinking "dirty" & wondering what the heck is this toy. Well, its a Massage Stick. I also only knew until i read the note. The gift is from Xio li. It was really sweet of her to give me this. It is really useful le, i tested it right away hitting my back, my neck... sy0k!

Second Xmas Gift

This is given by Pei Ni. Its actually a white blouse inside... i didnt get the chance to take a pic of the blouse because my mom is washing it

Thanks you two, it was a wonderful surprise.

As for lunch, Me, Pat & Jia Ren went to Capers and have the "all-you-can eat" Pasta & Pizza. We were starving and we shamelessly ordered most of the dishes listed under the Pasta page. We intend to make the restaurant bankrupt and wish they never wanna offer another buffet again!! haha! (of course that will never happen)

Linguine Gambas Pomodoro
Linguine pasta dressed with seared king prawns with cream and tomato sauce

This is so yummy. Not sure whether its due to the reason that this first dish feels delicious just because we are starving. i rated it an 8 out of 10. A definitely must try!!


Oven baked layered lasagne pasta with shallots roma tomatoes fresh herbs, minced beef bechamel sauce & grate parmesan

This is ok ok la... but i would prefer Fraitini's lasagne though.. A 6 out of 10

Ravioli Pollo

Chicken filled Ravioli laced with creamy pomodoro sauce

Their Ravioli is not as good as Fratini's either. Another 6 out of 10. The sauce is not as strong as Fratini's...

Penne Lamb Shank
Penne pasta sauteed with garlic tope with boneless lamb shank Milanese

Oh! this is nice! A lot of Lamb meat there. A 7 out of 10

Penne Arrabbiata Pollo
Penne pasta topped with fiery tomato sauce grilled peppers & grilled chicken

This is really fiery hot! Its not really suitable for some of us who is weak at eating hot stuff. Patrina said its really "kick" but this is one dish that we cannot finish. As i am not a hot eating person, i can give a 5 at most.

Fettuccini Carbonara
Fetuccini cooked with creamy egg sauce & beef bacon strips

This is a really "wow"!! The sauce is thick & strong! Eventhough we are about 70% full at this stage, this is my most favoured dish out of everything eaten. This sure deserve a 9.5 out of 10!!! Wooot!!!

Linguine Alfredo Salmone

Linguine pasta pan cooked with seared salmon fillet, fresh parsley double cream & fresh parmesan

The taste is more mild & the cream sauce is not as strong compare with the previous dish. There are a lot of salmon pieces inside though. hehe. A 7.5 out of 10

This promotion is really worth a try. Cost only $12+ per person le! if you eat a lot, u sure earn back with interest. hehe

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