Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CES Japanese Class Year 3

** changes made to the song play. I guess most of you are starting to get tired of the same old song being play everyday, hor. XD

Two weeks ago, one of our classmate bring along a cute Japanese girl, Kiwa to join our class. She is one of the exchange student from Japan. I can't remember which part she is from. haha

Here's our group photo together with our Sensei:-

Can you guess which one is Kiwa? or rather, can you spot me? XD

Really, after i saw this picture, only one thing cross my mind. "Gosh, i look like a teacher!"

Why it took me 2 weeks to post this picture?! Cause i just saw it in my mailbox. Thanks to Pei Hwan-chan for sending the pics to me. muakz

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