Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Anime - Romeo x Juliet

Gonzo had done it this time!

The releasing of *Romeo x Juliet!

The Anime is still new. Currently at episodes 2. When i saw this at baka-updates, i knew that i must watch this anime.

I fell in love with it at episode 1 already. At first, i thought it's going to be some hard core, serious dao cannot type of anime. But i was surprised to find the anime to be wonderfully drawn and wonderfully nice.

The opening song use for this anime is from the song "You Raise Me Up" by Westlife but it's in a Japanese version sing by a lady singer (whoever she is). *Please click on the title of the Romeo and Juliet above to access to the official website. The song plays as soon as you log onto the site. Not full version of course.

The singing is nice. It's a must watch for Romeo & Juliet fan. A must watch for non- fan also, ok.

The story is slightly different from the Original Shakespeare play. Of course, the difference does not include Romeo and Juliet's family being good friends and they are living in good terms what.

Warning: Spoiler for Episode 1 ahead! Don't say i didn't warn you!!

The story start off by having Juliet's family, the Capulets who also happened to be the rulers of Neo Verona being assasinated by the Montague (Romeo's family) one night 14 years ago when Juliet was just a small little girl. She was the sole survivor during the incident and does not have much memories of her background. The Montague rules for 14 years after that, never giving up their search on the last of Capulet and to kill her.

Juliet was raised up by disguising herself as a boy though she never understand why and was only told by those who raised her up that she will understand everything when she turn 16. Just one day before she turn 16, she met Romeo. This is when their romance started ... as well as the beginning of a tragedy love. I won't tell you anymore. Just go watch the anime la! haha

When i asked my brother what does he knows about Romeo and Juliet, do you know what answer he gave me?

He said: "Isn't Romeo the guy who wear Hawaii shirt and run around with gun?!" -_-"

Ok, he is talking about Leonardo Dicaprio's role in the old Romeo n Juliet movie.. Really lead people to wrong impression, that movie.

Bah, just go watch, it's really nice and worth your time!

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one said...

Looks really nice eh.. the anime..

Next time i leech form u if u don mind. But wait until more episodes comes out.. Hehe..

Btw, I'll try to get the school rumble from my fren if possible.

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