Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spiderman 3 + Capers (Again?!)

Spiderman 3 was a disappointment. Yup, that's my comment for this movie. Many people had say this movie is not so good while many others think that it's good. I fall under the "not so good" category.

Last night, went to watch this Movie with Jamy & his friends. 10 p.m. show some more. By the time came out of the cinema, it was 12 a.m. already. I was tired and had to walk alone along the dark alley to the place where i parked my car. To top it off, i can't remember where i parked and was wondering around the Mall premises trying to recall where is my car for a good 10 mins.

Before watching the movie, Mr Z had been nice enough to tell me some spoiler.

"Mary Jane died in the movie, she was being rape to death"

Through out the movie, i was expecting her to die or something. I don't really believe the rape part of course. So when the movie came to an end and M.J is still alive, i knew someone had pull a joke on me. -_-"

Why i think it's not so good? It was a bit bored. Not as action packed as i had imagined. The dramatic part of the story was lengthy and almost put me to sleep.

Well, like i say, i belong to the other half of the population that think Spiderman 3 movie is not good. So, please do deter yourself from watching this movie. You might belong to the group who think the movie is absolutely fantastic. =p

Ticket was 50 cents more expensive than usual and comes with a free car sticker.


I was set on having Tuna and lettuce for lunch today. But during lunch time, someone, namely JR had a sudden craving for Capers. And before i knew it, I am in Capers eating Pasta -_-" with JR and Pat.

There are new menus for the Pasta (an entire new page!!)

Here's some of the new pastas we ordered:-

Linguine Al Amatricana

Linguine Vongole

Ravioli Al Funghi

Fetuccini Al Funghi

Tortellaci Al Pesto

Fetuccini Al Tonno

Ravioli Pollo

Some older dishes that we never failed to order whenever we visit Capers:-

Fetuccini Carbonara

Linguine Alfredo Salmone

Penne Lamb Shank


The 3 of us sure ate a lot today. I seriously suspected we had probably been black listed in this restaurant because sometime when we called for waitress, no one came to attend us or take our order. We were surprised to find out that there is no bread on every dishes today. So we jokingly said that the bread might comes during the tenth dishes, and sure enough, it did. Lasagne was our 10th dishes to arrive, with a bread on top. =x

I intentionally skip dinner tonight though cause i am still feeling quite full from the lunch.


Anonymous said...

yes, i experienced the same thing. the waitress took long time to take our orders and they didn't even let us have a jug of water like we used to have before and instead letting me choke to death (exaggerration) due to un refilled glass of water.

the portion seems to be less..

opps i'm complaining.

hehe sorry.

-i'm a new reader.

Anonymous said...

sing yin

how come the food so little???

yea..spiderman3 not that good le..


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