Monday, May 07, 2007

Craving for Chocolates

As can be seen from the above caption, i am craving for some chocolates. But i don't dare to eat Milk Chocolates type cause sugar content is high. So, i went to Supasave and Hua Ho last Weekend and try to find some snacks that is not too bad.

This is what i got from my searches.

Iko is the oatmeal biscuits with high fibre plus a moderate sugar content. It's carbs but then, it's also consider a healthier snack (i hope).

Dark Chocolates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dark chocolates have lesser sugar content compare to ordinary one. Not to say there is no sugar of course. But it's enough to satisfy the craving. Plus i am quite a dark chocolate lover also.

I think i probably hadn't been to the chocolate department for a while, especially after starting my diet.

hmm... i never seen this before. Where had it been hiding up till now?

The Nutrition Facts

This little Hershey bar content 45% cocoa

Found new flavor for Hello Panda biscuit. Cheese!!!! Haven't try it yet. I guess it probably taste sweet and salty?! O.o

Enough say, i am going to go enjoy my chocolates. XD

Life is wonderful with the existence of chocolates, life would be so much different without chocolates XD

1 comment:

one said...

Wow... So many new types of snacks ah?
So long ago since i last went to the supermarket to 'sweep' snacks..

Must go shopping after my exams..

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