Friday, May 18, 2007

OMG! Karaoke Competition!

My firm is having an annual dinner next Friday at Sheraton.

There will a karaoke competition and it's a compulsory that everyone (including all lawyers and secretaries to join)

I am screw. I don't know what to sing. I haven't really practice singing for a long time.. used to go to K-box at the Mall a lot last year until... o well..

I am considering singing some funny song like 对面的女孩看过来 or 浪花一朵朵。。

I borrowed a few old vcd from Patrina and found that the only songs that i think i can sing without going out of tune is JJ - 就是我 or 后来.. Can't find any other song that i can sing. Probably will go check out Unitek for some karaoke disc -_-"

It's either sing a song or perform a dance. I rather choose to sing.

Anyone got any suggestion? I am suppose to hand in my song title by next Tuesday >.<


Anonymous said...

aiyo..those 2 are damn oooooold songs leh..

umm..let me bout..

any song from liang jing ru or sun yan zhi wud be nice le... or cindy wang..

i think all those are far better than ren xian qi or ah niu rite...

hehe... jus an opinion laaa.. =P


Nonnie King said...

Ai... choose those flat flat no high pitch no low pitch song lah.

Like "Hou Lai" from Rene Liu Ruo Yin or any songs from her.. Her song all like same frequency one.

So, less chance to get out of tune. Kkekekkekeee

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

Jacelyn: Fish leong song cannot, i can't get to her pitch. >.<

Nonnie: exactly what i had in mind,
ya i am considering Hou Lai.. just worrying whether it would put the judge to sleep or not... haha

Do u know any other song that is flat flat pitch?

Nonnie King said...

Got.. RAP lor!

Can rap "Pa,wo hui lai ler", sure very cool and earns everyones' applause!

(I know I'm a bad friend giving you crappy suggestions)

Thanis said...

hee hee good luck singing SinYeeN!

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

aiya, i end up singing Tank's qian nian lei and Ariel Lin's Fei Ni Mou Shu

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