Monday, April 30, 2007

Hardcore Diet - The End

My hardcore diet had come to an end a couple of days ago. I had successfully lost a total of 2 and a half kg. So now i am in the maintaining mode. XD

Joy!!! i can eat bread, cakes, cookies, chocolates again!! Of course, i won't hamtam all these at a time, i also scare i will gain back the "hard-lost" weight. Once in a while la, once in a while no wrong right? =x

However, i did curi eat a few chocolate balls today.. hope i won't get 1 kg after that =x

Will probably start baking again soon ^^



one said...

Wahh.. finally over ah.

Good u can start baking... Don forget to give me some... hehe..

Oh yeah, don 4get to try making the ice-cream.. haha..

Thanis said...

Eseh... song song ... lose 2.5 kg! Congrats!

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