Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hardcore Diet Day 1 & 2

I had decided to be on a extreme diet mode for 2 weeks. No Carbohydrate and sugars intake (trying my best la). This also means i have to give up my baking for a while. And also no chocolates, breads, cakes, cookies, ice creams & all my other favourites. sob. Torture!

Day 1 (Yesterday)

Breakfast - a small glass of milk (low fat)
mid-morning - some peanuts
Lunch - half a slice of steamed mackeral
mid-afternoon - some roasted peanuts
Dinner - egg fried long bean plus a little steamed chicken breast

Day 2 (Today)

Breakfast - no breakfast cos i slept till late
Lunch - steamed tofu with prawn
mid-afternoon - half a can of tuna in water plus lettuce
dinner - steamed tofu with mackeral, a small glass of low fat milk

hungry... =/ can i survive my 2 weeks dieting plan? Will i successfully lose weight? Only god knows

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