Monday, April 09, 2007

7 Days free trial at Fitness Zone

I had joined the 7 days free trial at Fitness Zone with effect today.

All i can say is.... body pain, aching as i am typing this post now... =/

Initially, i was planning to go to aerobics at Your Slim at Batu Bersurat but i was invited by Pat to join this free things. Free things of course cannot pass de ma, right?!

So we arrived late, hard to find parking le... Body Jam class had already started so me , Pat and her friend, Katie rudely cut in and stand in line behind the existing people in the "disco-dancing" room. Unlike aerobic classes and dancing classes that i had been to, this is the first time i encountered an disco type of setting, which is a good thing since no one will see how robotic i am dancing =x

Body Jam is quite fun la although i can't really see what is the instructor doing except when she is waving her hand up high, anything below waistline cannot be seen. So i just followed those in front of me hamtam wave here and wave there, turn here and turn there =/

I played with some of those gym equipments, which result in some back pain now.. and after locking myself in the Sauna room for half an hour, i was being told doing Sauna won't lost fat, i would only lost water, the water which i gained back after drinking half a bottle thereafter.

Tomorrow is another back breaking day. Hope i can last 7 days...

After 7 days, there comes the decision of whether to join Fitness Zone or not =/


one said...

Sounds nice.. Free ones.. haha

Kelian eh.. body ache
U shud warm up 1st b4 doin the exersices mah~

How come u don post the pics u took at ubd dat time..
I oso wanna get the pics from u.

Thanis said...

Initially will be sore one - but next time wont be like that liao :)

Its good to work out Yeen .. keep up the great work.

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

wan to go on diet ma.. so hab to be more rajin.

u people wanna join Fitness Zone oso ma? =/

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