Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hardcore Diet Day 4 & 5

Diet is no big deal. I think i am always dieting on and off. Especially after a big meal at Capers or buffet, i will stop eating for a day or 2 and drink tea non-stop.

But... i don't know why i so stupid, wan to go make my life miserable.

This is precisely what i mean.

I don't know why i syok syok always love to stock my brother's room with all sort of snacks and chocolates. Now can see cannot touch. =/

I am in my Brother's room now, using his computer. Ask me why i am not in my own room? Cause my pc too much junks, resulting in laggy-ness. The content of my bro's pc are more neat. so not as laggy as mine.

Ok, here a picture of things that i had been eaten for the past few days. XD.

For some reason, there seems to be a shortage of cheese slices lately. Been to Hua Ho, Soon Lee, all cheese shelf empty. Except Supa Save. But this super slim cheese cost $4.60 >.< hao kui kui!

Day 4 (Yesterday @ Vegetarian Day)

Morning - a glass of low fat milk + 1 hard boiled egg
mid-morning - mixed nuts
Lunch - pan-fried japanese tofu
mid-afternoon - nuts
Dinner - a plate of egg fried long beans + a glass of low fat milk

Day 5 (Today)

Morning - a glass of low fat milk + 2 sausages
mid morning - mixed nuts
Lunch - 1/3 can of tuna with lettuce
mid-afternoon - nuts
Dinner - steamed minced meat + a glass of low fat milk

i think i only lost 1 kg..... sigh. By the way, sausage is a no- no! because it contain starch. i only knew after i ate them. sob


one said...

Wow... I sure would like to go to ur bro's room. LOOK AT THE SNACKS!!!

It's like a haven to me~

But then, u're really looking to suffer when u go to his room when on diet... Haha...

Anonymous said...

Jia You Jia You...but dont eat too muct "nuts" la...later...becoming.... haha..JK



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