Saturday, April 28, 2007

Disney on Ice - Finding Nemo

I think i bought my ticket with Patrina in Supasave about one month ago, spending a long time at the ticketing counter asking the available seatings for various dates and finally decided on a Saturday afternoon (the best seats available that time).

And then less than 2 weeks ago, i received a call from someone i know who offered me 2 free tickets to Disney on Ice. i was very "kek-dao" because i already paid for my ticket at a price of $29 for an afternoon show. Being a honest person, i sadly had to decline the offer. sob.

Anyway, me & Pat were being pour on the head with cold water last Wednesday when some people who had watched the Disney show on Tuesday night gave us some of their opinions.

"It's so bored!"
"It's a waste of TIME!!"
"Sell your ticket!!!"

These were some of the phrases used. We were a little upset at first and were thinking of cheap cheap sell off our ticket but then with such comments flowing around, it's rather hard. So what the heck, since we already paid, we might as well "waste some of our time" watch it. Plus we love all the previous Disney on Ice despite many others commenting how bored they were.

The show started off by having Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck came out as an introduction (as usual). They are all wearing summer clothes. Donald is so cute! Goofy came out later on in his scuba diving suit.

This is when Nemo goes to School ( i think)

So the fishes indeed were a little.... ok those who watch or saw the picture would understand. It's like a human with a "big and heavy size chest". However, i thought of the possibilty of putting on the mask of the fish head on the performer's head instead and the image that run through my brain isn't looking so good either.

A little close up pic of Dory, the annoying little fish

wah hey! The Shark got 4 legs wei!!!

From far apart, you probably can't see the "legs" of the shark clearly but.... hehehe! It's a little funny. Well, i can't expect them to navigate a huge shark around the skating rink though.. keke

The "fishes" showing off their stunts

The fishes at the Aquarium

Nemo's fin got stuck

There are many effects used in the show. With great lighting and performing type that is never seen in the previous show. For instance, a flying bird that hang from the ceiling and showed up quite a few times during the whole show. The used of big props such as whale, giant goggles, devil fish, turtle, jelly fish etc. Actually, instead of complaining the show is bored or Nemo is looking like a big chest woman, we should appreciate the show more and especially the performer. It's not easy wearing costumes like that and skates for a long time. Plus the moving of all those props from country to country...

These is an example of some of the effects:-

Apart from all those, there are also some fireworks in the beginning. There was an extremely beautiful scene when the whole skating floor is full of pink jelly fishes as well as some hanging from the ceiling. The lighting during that time was blue-ish for the sea and lots of flashes of pink colour. It was really breathtaking.

The Jelly Fishes swarm

I guess this is about the cutest part. When all the "little" came out and started to sing and dance. hehe

This is really cute. This is the part when Nemo's dad tell the little turtle about his sad story.

Big Whale that swallow them up

The Grand Finale

So overall, we didn't think its too bad. It's still worth our money because despite the fact that our seating is in the green box, a little bit further up but i would consider the seat is good. They are just right in front of the stage and in the middle. We could still see the performers very clearly. XD

Souvenirs are bloody expensive. The popcorn
as well! $6 for a small popcorn and $12 for the big bucket. Really Eat Gold.

This is the first time out of all the Disney on Ice show i went that i did not buy a program book. The program book costs $20!!! After roughly flipping through them at the selling booth, i don't feel it's worthy to buy a picture book. Plus i am not that big of a Nemo fan. To be frank, i had never watch Finding Nemo story before.

The Expensive Program Book & the Expensive Pop Corns

Leng Chai Salesman

However, i bought a little turtle that cost $20 -.-" very expensive ya. But it's not my style to come home empty handed as well. I must at least find something cheaper and nice looking to buy as souvenir mah, i know i know, a tiny turtle costing $20 is not exactly what i would call cheap. But i don't wanna buy some cheap plastic toy as well le....

The Little Turtle souvenir that comes with the candy cane & the ticket

So tomorrow is the last day of the show in Brunei le wor. Like i say, the show is actually not bad. So if you are the type that either love Nemo story or simply love Disney because it's Disney, just go watch it. However, if i am not mistaken, the ticketing booth will be closing at 5 p.m. tomorrow. So act fast if those of you want to watch but haven't decide yet.

Oh ya, i do enjoy my time there. XD


Bobby said...

I only have been to two of the show in the past. The first was "Snow White & the 7 dwarft" and the second one I think was the little mermaid. My favourite was Snow White because of the cool special effect they put and also they had more background like actually placing a man-made cave where the dwarfts dig and then they sing that catchy song "Hai ho".
From the look of the picture you took on "Finding Nemo" where everything is just blue, it looks very boring, thanks to you i don't feel sad missing the show haha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great review. Sounds very good. I need some extra info, though. We are taking our 4-year-old to see the show next weekend and would hate for her to see the scene where Nemo's mummy gets eaten. Do we come in late or did they delete that one from the show???

I'd be really grateful if you could send me a quick e-mail on
Thank you very much,

Minako said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site... I see that you also love Disney... me too...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!

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