Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nintendo DS

Call me Crazy, i think i am crazy.. only less than a week ago, i was looking at some site featuring this Nintendo DS console, thinking "i should get this one of this day".

And today, no, yesterday, i place an Order from someone, not from shop, a pink DS together with an R4 as to enable me to play downloaded games XD

I collected them only less than an hour ago. For B$350.00, i got:
1) One DS
2) Extra Stylus (it's pink colour)
3) an R4
4) 1 GB Micro SD card
5) charger (standard)
6) 30 downloaded games
7) 1 mth warranty
8) 3 mths of unlimited new downloaded games

Crazy huh?! it all started when i went to do facial on Monday and my beautician borrowed me her DS to play. i was hooked. Totally, the graphic is cute, i cannot said its as great as Sony PSP, but Sony PSP is not my type. DS is more my type. I had yet get the screen protector but will soon, probably tomorrow XD

haha~ yipee~

O ho, forgot to update my diet hor. Its almost 2 weeks oredi. a few more days to go. So far, i had lost about 2 and a half kg, still eating and drinking the same thing every days. Tofu, fish, milk, cheese, Tuna etc... Some said i look slimmer.. but i don't know, i just now i got gastric pain yesterday and that i need to go see the doctor. I felt kind of stupid when the Doctor asked me whether i wan MC and i said "no".


one said...

Looks nice~~~
So nice to be working. Can buy anything as long as got money.
I'm jz a poor poor student..

Haha.. =P

Eleanor said...

Hi - congrats on the weight loss but just be mindful that it may creep back on once you're off the 'hardcore' diet, and really, getting an ulcer is not worth losing the few kgs - coming from someone who has been on numerous 'faddy' diets!

Do tell me more about the R4, my daughter has a DS too, and she has only 2 games as they're pretty costly to buy and something like the R4 which can play 30 downloaded games sounds like a dream. In particular, where/how do you download games and where can I buy the R4? Email me if you wish (address on my blog) but I'll come back to check in a day or so anyway. Thank you! Best regards,E.

Nonnie King said...

I wish I have your chung-tung-ness!

How can you make up your mind in buying something that cost few hundred dollars so fast? As if you buy kangkong like that.

Anonymous said...

sing ying..

u very geng!! sometimes u need the chung-tung-ness to invest in something...

but isnt it abit xpensive?? hmm..

Hehe...lain kali boleh pinjam ke?? =P


Sing Yin @ Serene said...

One: Working citizen like me also poor poor la.

Eleanor: thanks for the advise, i also scare i will gain back my weight so now trying to at least maintain.

As for the R4, it's actually like a game card, except that you can put in a Micro SD memory card in this game card. Games can be downloaded from the internet but there may be the risk of virus. If u got go Singapore. R4 there costs about $55 only. much cheaper.

However, EGM also sells downloaded games (which i think should be quite safe) for about B$1 to B$5 each. They also sell DS Linker for B$88 (the game card that also let you play downloaded games)

I suppose its this one:

You should really check out EGM.

Nonnie: It's love at first sight for this console. plus i am really bored out of my skull. Dieting, cannot bake. No one to go out with (lunch time don't count). No one to talk on the phone with. My life is next to miserable already. That's why i had been hard core reading novels (borrowed from One), bought many korean and taiwan drama vcds to kill time and play some games. sigh...

Jacelyn: when u come back, you are welcome to come over to my place and play la... i think you will be hook also. Considering you were also once addicted by Maple Story. keke

Foodie Tales said...

Thank you - that's very helpful indeed. E.

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