Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Workout?! or Pigout?!

i didn't went to gym yesterday because i apparently injured myself (back) from improper use of gym equipment -_-" i can't turn, i can't even bend. It's painful, correction, it was painful.

I was kind of sad cause last night got Latin Aero's class. Heard from Pat that it was fun.

Anyway, i went dinner at Excapade instead with Kunyul, his friend and Sharlene. Eat and drink countless pots of green tea till way pass 10.30 p.m. Whole night talking craps and listen to rubbish. It was enjoyable. i haven't heard people talk crap for too long already.

However, i was feeling better today. So i went to Fitness Zone again. Today's class was Body Combat, doing lots of boxing movement and kicking. Miraculously, after coming out from the class. My now minor back pain had become no pain liau. 0.0

I also did a health check today. Guess what. I am categorised as dangerously, and very dangerously close to obese 0.0 This is not good.!!!! I would never thought i would be categorised under that le. Obese le. Got kidding me or not?! I thought that only applies to Norbit's woman?! Or Fitness Zone's machine got problem?! Hard core dieting now =/

After gym, we ate at Excapade again -_-" 2 nights in a row. wow

Tomorrow won't be going to gym since got evening class

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