Sunday, June 03, 2007

迟来的过年卡 - Belated New Year Card

It's June now. And it was May last month.

Have you ever receive a chinese new year card/new year card in the month of May?

I had the honour of experiencing that 2 weeks ago when i received the card.

Diana passed me the greeting card during our Japanese evening lesson. I stared at the card for a long time and suddenly could not remember what month is it now.

Me: Erm, is this an advanced new year card?
Diana: Oh no, this card is suppose to be from February this year
Me: ?!!

Sze Wei, thanks for the card, although its three months late. But you have written three names on the card. Chances is that, you will probably be back already and i probably haven't had the chance to show the card to Sharlene and PJ. -_-"

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