Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Last Day of Holiday

Tomolo have to go to work already!!! sob T__T

no more holiday liau la!

today i made sushi n muah chi...

Here's my sushi bento:-

My Sushi Bento~

overall, i like the taste but my cutting skill need more improvement lo

so what i do with the leftover rice? i made this!!!!~~

eh eh! i tell u, this is not fish ball ok.

this is onigiri! japanese rice ball in a tiny version.

i thought making bite sizes onigiri would be convenience for my family to eat ma
anyway, i just use all my left over rice, crab meat, egg pieces, mayonnaise n mix mix and roll them into a ball shape lo
of cos this idea was given by Patrina who learnt from her friend~ Thanksie Pat, my dad n mom love it!

It was about 12 pm like tat after i done with the sushi, i proceed with my Muah Chi making adventure.

This is the first time i made muah chi myself... i must say, at first, i was ready to give up. was so sasak because the cooked dough was sticky and really hard to handle.. Until my mom suggested to try n roll the 'hot n cooked' dough in the flour before trying to wrap it with peanuts. the first or second doesnt look great. but the rest looks ok after i get the hang of it. who said muah chi difficult to make one?! haha

The results arent so bad for a first time. My muah chi skin may be a bit too thin lo, i roll too much kali. But then the skin quite Q le!!. hehe. erm, i not yet taste it la, cause i ate too much sushi when i was making them... so quite full oredi. let my family be guinea pig~ hoho

My Muah Chi~

Sze wei.. dun jeolous hor... hehe...

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