Sunday, October 14, 2007

White Sugar Sponge - 白糖糕

白糖糕 or rather known as "pak tong kou" to most is a chinese snack that i always love since i was young. My uncle's neighbour back in Malaysia always made excellent pak tong kou, although a bit sweet but it was really really good.

During Chinese New Year when my family would have house gathering at Kedah, the aunty next door would be kind enough to offer a plate of fresh pink colour pak tong kou. It was something that i really look forward to whenever i went there. However, that was years and years ago. I haven't seen that aunty for so long I am not sure i would recognise her again.

I always wanted to try to make this. However, i was turn off when most recipes would call for long hours of fermentation. up to 8 hrs or even 1 day. The fermentation time is too long and i am too lazy to wait.

But but, god did not forsaken me. I came upon this recipe, generously shared by Florence. 2 hours of fermentation only. It's worth a try! My outcome isn't so bad, the taste is there but my top is a little bit wet. hehe

Thank you so much, Ms Florence. My dreams has come true. =D I can finally made my own pak tong kou!!! Weeeeeeee

This is her recipe:-

170g sieved rice flour
130g - 150 g caster sugar
360 ml water

34 tsp instant yeast
1 tbsp warm water

1. Mix B & leave aside for 10 mins for use later.
2. Mix A together well & cook over slow heat, stirring all the time till a little thicken (this process should be less than 5 mins). Sieve the mixture into a big mixing bowl & cooled it in a basic of water.
3. Mix step 1 & 2 together & blend well. Cover mixture with glad wrap & prove in a warm water for 1 to 2 hours. When mixture show signs of bubble all over the surface, then it is ready for steaming.
4. Pour mixture in greased pan & steam at high heat for 20 - 25 mins.
5. Cut & serve when cool.


Luv said...

this recipe attracted me as i have the hope of having just 2 hrs, the most, for proofing. I hope you made a mistake on the measurement of the yeast, otherwise the pak tong kou will prove till as high as my kitchen. G'day from Sydney!

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

oh my god!!! 34 tsp!!! Haha.
It was a typo mistake. should be 3/4 tsp. thanks for pointing out the mistake =D

Anonymous said...

Just want to know what kind yeast you used? From USA? or anyother places.

Anonymous said...

Your recipe is awesome, first try and it turned out perfect!!! My family loved it and told me to make another batch because we finished the first one almost instantly. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

What's the accurate amount for the sugar...??

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