Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - Final Book!!

It 's being a heated competition among several book store in Brunei.

Icklebooks is selling at $48.90 for the first 100 customers plus free movie ticket at Empire.
Best Eastern selling at $49.00 with a harry potter bag
Paul & Elizabeth selling at $50+ with some 10% discount.

But I, being a regular customer from Icklebooks at Kiarong just bought from them.
I love Icklebooks plus the staff are nice and provide good service.

Was initially planning to wake up at 6+ a.m to beat all traffic and arrive at the store by 7 a.m. But stupid me, set the wrong alarm so end up waking at 7+ a.m. and stuck in traffic for a long time.

Enough say, here's the book!!! It comes with a cute paper bag =P

The free movie ticket is valid for three months, any movie , any time.

Well, i also end up buying more Horrible Histories =/

Ok, goin to start reading now. XD


one said...

Wohoo~ I'm gonna borrow from u...
Nice? Nice? Izit nice?

Porcelain said...

hey! i LOVE those horrible history books. they're so qwirky and fascinating. good to know that u enjoy them too :)

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