Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter -Order of Phoenix Premiere @ Empire

I know life must goes on and i had been doing lots of things to get my life going. This also include watching movies.

Last week saw the advertisement in the Borneo Bulletin stating that SCB is giving away free movie ticket to Harry Potter movie on the 11th, 13th and 14th at Empire, with free popcorn and drinks.

Being a Harry Potter fan, how could i pass up the chance for getting free ticket to my favourite movie?! So i kiasu, early early called up Empire, just to have them told me that "It's not comfirm yet" But hey! It's in the newspaper already le!!! So i called up SCB and made some complaint. SCB told me they will sort out the matter and within 5 minutes, they called me and told me I can booked my seat at Empire now.

It was really hard to call Empire Cinema. The line would ring and ring and ring and there won't be anyone to pick up the call. I took Pat's suggestion and called Empire's general line to have them pass me to the Cinema instead. The call was quickly place through and I was able to book some seats to my satisfaction. I picked up my ticket during lunch time on that day as well.

Anxiously waited for more than a week and finally get to watch the movie today with my brother. The atmosphere at the Empire cinema was rather nice. There were candles lighting up the hall and staffs are wearing the Quidditch's uniform. So we were really excited. The movie was scheduled to run at 7.20 p.m. but it was delay and only shown at about 8 p.m.

My opinion?
Well, i read the book before so i know what was going on but for someone like my brother who had never read the book... the story is too fast. Scenes are being skipped through in a rush. Suddenly they are here and suddenly they are in another scene. It's just too fast that i think people might not be able to catch the link or understand what is going on.

I was a bit disappointed. I expected it to be more but this is like a summary and a short cut for the book.

I am grateful to SCB for having this promotion though. =P

Had also taken several shots at the Cinema. Will upload them in the next post. =x

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