Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Journey of Curry Puff

While i was rummaging the cabinet. I found this curry puff mould. Since I was too free and had nothing to do, thought i would like to try bake one. I had not follow any recipe and just use the flour and butter that i found at home.

I love curry puff and is often afraid to eat too much of them because deep fried curry puff are oily. I especially love those with a piece of egg in it. There used to be a great curry puff seller at the Food Court of Centrepoint (Jaya). Unfortunately, they are no more in business. I think it was 3 pieces for $1. Their curry puff was small, crispy and the fillings are of curry potatoes. The curry itself are not too hot and there was egg in it. Aw, i miss their curry puff. Where had they moved to?

My mom made great curry puffs as well. But when asked her for the recipe, she can't give me cause she "agar-agar" (estimate) one. Now, i also "agar-agar" trying to make curry puffs like hers.

My curry puffs tastewise ok la. I mean the skin is not crispy enough. Obviously i didn't put enough butter. Well, i enjoy playing with them. I am sure next time will be better. hehe =D

roll our a piece of pastry and put on top of the mould

Put fillings in the middle and then press them together

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