Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Double Happiness...? XD

Some of you may already know, i had my Japanese language Lvl 4 exam last night. It was quite difficult and i did not have any confidence in passing at all. Questions consists of multiple choices and most of them were grammar related. Sensei told us the result will only be announced next Tuesday. So this morning, i had a real surprised when my Sensei msg me:-

I remembered screaming out loud after the message sink itself into my brain. I was jumping up and down, showing this text to anyone who was near me. Seconds later, Pei Hwan msg me to tell me that she had passed. I called Lo san to check on him but he hasn't receive any message during that time, yet. Less than half and hour later, Lo san called me to tell me the good news. He passed as well.

For the rest of the day, i was excited and couldn't sit still. Partly because i passed the exam and also due to the reason that tomorrow is my very big important day~ It's the day when my mom gave birth to me some 20+ years ago XD

As Xio Li will be busy tomorrow night, she and Sze Wei asked me to yum cha at Taurean tonight and gave me my advanced gift

I shook the box and like an excited kid, i kept asking them what was inside. So, Xio Li told me the small box contain shoes. I almost believed them cause they look so serious when they said that. I kept wondering how did they squeeze a pair of shoes inside that small box?! I even place the box beside my foot for measurement. The length of the box is certainly smaller than my foot!!

So i open up & found:

Well, she was not kidding when she said "shoe" < < singular noun. It was a small stand and I was told i that could hang my accessories/earrings with this. That tiny pair of white shoes are souvenior from Sze Wei from her last trip to ... uh, where did she go again?! Holland ma?!

Anyway, the gift is very unique. Lol.

Thanks for remembering. XD

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