Thursday, November 13, 2008

わたしのたんじょうび - My Birthday XD

** had added some new songs & music to my play list. so enjoy =D

Today is my Big day~ 私の誕生日 ~

Took half day off from work. My precious afternoon is half gone and here i am, at home sitting in front of my computer... blogging. -.-

My morning in office had been quite busy (from eating). First, Jia Ren bought a slice of Carrot Cake from Fleur De Lys and get almost everyone on the 2nd floor to sing happy birthday to me. *embarassing. Cause there was only one slice and others don't get to eat.

With Betty's help, i ordered a bucket of Tau Fu Fa to treat everyone in the office. The Tau Fu Fa is so nice and so silky smooth. That big bucket cost only $16 , free delivery some more.

so after eating a big bowl of Taufu Fa plus that carrot cake and some other snacks bought by one of my colleagues from KL. I was so so so full. Then at bout 11.30 a.m. Another surprised came.

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake smtg-smtg from Bakerlyn. Sponsored by 3 lawyers namely Melissa, Weng Leong & Zheng. The bottom layer of the chocolate cake is made of waffles and the top layer is of soft sponge that is rich in chocolate. Hazelnut is an instant win here. Love Hazelnut with Chocolate XD

There was no singing this time cause everyone already sang during the first round of Carrot Cake. There wasn't anytime for making any wish because the white chocolate was melting fast so I just quickly blow the candle.

Had lunch with my noobie bro and Oreo Aurey in Charcoal. Urgh.. so full. I think i gained a few pounds today ¬_¬"

2 more hours to dinner. I found a box of cake in the fridge -.-"

Do i become a few years older from blowing more candles each time...?

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