Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Surprise...

My noobie brother took out my birthday cake at about 9.30 p.m. just now. He lined up all the candles on one side of the cake and he thinks its more unique this way. Some candles were actually standing at a slight 45 degree -.- He also dripped candle wax from lighting the first candle till the end.

After another round of singing and blowing candle and cutting cake, my noobie bro and his girlfriend took out a Huo Ho paperbag.

"This is from us to you" They said.

Lots of thing went through my mind. Is it a watch? i asked myself. Then i stopped. It was not possible because my bro is suppose to be broke. So what was in there?

I looked inside and saw a small dirty box with some label like "AC-DC" something. I stared at it for a long time and was trying to process what was this thing i was holding.

"It's a charger." They said cheerfully and they went on to explain how this multi charger can be use for many purposes while i was still... blank.

I showed my mom the charger and she keep laughing and laughing. I next showed it to my dad and he coolly comment that it was not bad -.-

While i was still dangling the charger on my hand, noobie bro took out a big box of surprise from the storeroom with a huge grin on his face. For the 2nd time tonight, my mind went blank again. HUH?! WTH

His girlfriend, Han asked me how did i feel when i received my "first" gift. She said I looked so disappointed . -.- But as i realised this was not a 2nd joke, i couldn't stop myself from grinning cause this was what i want. I just can't believed they actually get it for me.

I asked my bro to open up the gift for me and we played around with the function for a while. lol

*ouch... gastric pain (must be from eating too much today)

Can i MC tomorrow?

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