Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Capers + Japanese Drum Show @ ICC

Lunch @ Capers (again)

I was suddenly craving for Japanese food during lunch time & feel like eating at Excapade sushi. After some little bit of negotiation & discussion, we end up in Capers again. Because all JR can think about is Capers. -_-"

Since the promotion is still on.. so..
I was tempted to ask the waitress whether i am eligible to be in the "children" category.. but i guess that don't works huh.

I think we ate a total of 5 types of dishes only.

Fettuccini Carbonara & Lasagne
always our most favoured items in the menu

something something & the Spaghetti with Olive oil (very oily -_-")
1st time trying out these 2 dishes.

Linguine Alfredo Salmone again

Not that many compare with last month hor.

Japanese Drum Show @ ICC @ 7.30 a.m.

i was quite kiasu, wanting to catch a good seat so we arrived at ICC about 6.40 p.m. like that (right after work and no dinner). Quite a number of people were already there and the door to the hall was still closed. Sigh

When the door opened, lots of kiasu people all "chiong" in to my amazed. Meaning that i am not kiasu enough. We were given a black & white colour "programme book" (actually just some stack of paper stapler together nia) and another sheet of paper for us to write down our comment for the show.

Needless to say, that's us
Being too early and nothing to do, we took pictures la

Saw many people i know there. Bu kwai shi free show.
These are only some of them:-
(can't go around taking random picture too much)

That's Pei Hwan & Sin Cheah
kind of small hor, click on the pic for a bigger view

That's Intan & Wee Ter

The Performers consists of 3 females & the rest are males.

Ok, the picture quality are not good because i had to off flash, reason being that the audiences were being warned not to take picture as the flash might blind the performers
(but still many people take pictures anyway)
So without flash, i can't take much decent pic.. sigh

The 3 women are really amazing. I was so enchanted by one of them (this picture at the bottom one), she is so... shuai ! so cool, so... wow! i just couldn't take my eyes off her as well as her fast movement at beating the drum. She was also the best looking among all of them. At that moment, i thought i might be a 双性恋 le! Cause i was really deep attracted by her. So after a little bit of talking with Sin Cheah, i realised i was not the only one who feel this way. It just shows that this woman are just bloody amazing. Haha!

Here are the guys

The End where every performers came out to bow to the audiencesand the very very last performance by everyone! This last performance is like the best cause it bring out a lively atmosphere among the audience. The music they played and the dance the female performer did very much reminded me of fairies and elves dancing to cheery tunes XD
Audiences were happily clapping along with the music.

Overall, i think the performance as a whole are nice. i was glad that i took the trouble to drive all the way to ICC to check them out. Whoever said drum show are boring?! It took really skill, effort, stamina & energy to beat the drum for the whole night le!


one said...

Dat performance was really amazing.. Hope dat they'll be performing here again soon.

Too bad u guys went back too early.
You all shud go to the backstage take pics with them. Myahahaha....

Too bad our japanese not up to the standard to be able to talk wif them.

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

got good kangtao didnt immediately call me up. sigh.

so you only said "aishiteru" to them?

one said...

But I think u gals shud hav been back at home ord if i were to call u at dat time. It was more than half an hr after the show ended oh..

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