Thursday, January 18, 2007

Student Again~

I went out lunch with those people from the KK trips, Xio Li, Sylvia, Patricia, Daniel & Chan at Food Court there. I ate dim sum.. 5 dim sum dishes for $10. I had tapao 2 egg tarts for my brother who is a big egg tart freak. 2 pieces cost $1.80. According to my brother, taste like raw egg and kid of special like that.

i did not bring fried rice or fried bee hoon or watever for lunch, so i ajak Jia Ren and Patrina go eat Nasi Katok at Kiulap there (the one call what Nasi Katok 24 hours Mama at SKH there le)

Cost $1 only, really cannot hiam la

Remember when this Nasi katok shop first open, its just a small stall somewhere in front of SKH. Mana tahu, suddenly one day move into the same row as SKH and have their own shop.
When they first opened, their rice portion was much bigger and chicken was also bigger. Sigh... 2 persons can eat one packet le. Now, 1 person 1 packet also not enough. But then Nasi Katok is quite oily de la, not recommeded for people who scare of fat. I am afraid of gaining weight also so i don't usually eat Nasi Katok unless i crave for it.

Talking about craving, i used to crave for Japanese food almost all the times (love the Haru Maki, tamago yaki at Excapade), but i haven't have that craving feeling for a long time already. Probably ate too much Japanese food during December.

Today, i mean tonight was the first day of my year 3 Japanese class.
Venue: CES
Time: 6:45 p.m. to 8.45 p.m.

My kid brother had asked me to help him buy a shampoo conditioner before my class so i went to Utama Grand for a while so i was not able to go the class earlier. But i wasn't worry about first day of class have to go fight for seat or what because i had been sitting at the same seat for 2 years already. While browsing at UG, i bought these:-

Some snacks for my Brother to eat

Cute toy cookie cutters. I think i can use it to cut cookie dough even though it's under the toy category

so i arrived at class about 6.45 p.m. To my surprised, i found some idiot sitting in my chair.

Sin Cheah and her brother was sitting at their usual seat, next to Sin Cheah suppose to be Pei Hwan and next to Hwan suppose to be me.

So got these baka, don't know why, whole class so many seats, pian pian want to sit at my place, unless she is blind, she should have seen me sitting at the same old place with the gals for more than 2 years. Most people had resumed in their old seat what. Bloody baka, dare to sit at my comfortable old chair. So i told myself, next week, i am going to go to the class earlier and bring something to read (to kill time). =/

Anyway, first day back to class. Sensei (teacher) mostly do revised those we learnt last year. Feel blur and lag. Well, sensei told us that for the past 2 years, we had been learning the Japanese polite forms. Starting this year, we will be learning those plain form (language) that is used between close friends or what...

*scratch scratch head* hope i can survive this year.


Anonymous said...

hmm..sing ying ..

who sit there wo?? dont have to be that harsh wat..jus a sit nia..Not a BIG DEAL la....haha...can sit anyway le..its free...relax relax :P

Sze Wei

Anonymous said...

some more..if good seat normally will taken by time can ask pei hwan to reserve for you la...


Sze Wei

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

wo jiu shi bu shuang you ren zuo le wo zuo le 3 nian de wei zi la!
ta men shi xia le hai shi xe ma

Anonymous said...

where got 3 years..only 1 year la..when u really know pei hwan they all la....also u were behind them that time too...


Sze Wei

one said...


ya loh.. mana got u sit 3 yrs.. me baru there for 2yrs. Now baru 3rd year...

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

1 yr or 3 yr still same la! its still my seat!!!! >.< (bu xiang jiang dao li)

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

btw, Hwan, this is my 4th yr in CES lo

one said...

How come oh? I never knew

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

i didn't go sit for exam during my first year so i repeat again lo

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