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Girly Bloggers Night Out @ 29 Dec 06

Venue: Emma's place somewhere in Beribi
Time: 8p.m. onwards
Date: 29 December 2006
Agenda: Breast Cancer Awareness...
No. of Person: 25 gals (excluding the guys & cats)
Food List: XxxxXx

"Cut cut cut!!! This is a garden party, not a meeting la!!"

Those who knows me well knows that i do not have much sense of direction. The garden party start at 8 p.m. I set off from my home at about 7.40 p.m. thinking i probably won't be late because my house to Beribi is usually about 10 mins drive. Mana tahu, i failed to look at the map carefully and stupidly trying to find a non-existed simpang along that Jalan. -_-" Of course, i did found the place eventually, i knew i wasn't in the wrong neighbourhood because of the number of cars lining up outside the bungalow and you can hear happy female gigling sounds all the way from outside the car park there.

I went inside and when i passed by the food table, i can't help but take a tiny peep. *Gulp. So many food.... I didn't exactly took picture of all the food (i failed as a food blogger, sob). I was hungry then... and I am also hungry now. I am supposed to write something about that night but as i look at all these food pictures now, i grow hungry and only remember all those delicious good food. *drool....

The Food
(Some of them...)

Further inside i went, i found two tables being set up nicely, very nicely. You certainly don't find such table setting manner at my home. They had really done a good job setting everything nicely lo.

Nice Table Setting!

ok, some of you are probably eyeing the little golden box and the other smaller one with a pink ribbon at the top of the picture? Don't worry, i got the zoom in version one.

*as i always say, my phototaking skill sux.. when am i goin to improve?? (dramatically hitting the table with both fists!)

In Da living Room

where bloggers are seen mingling around, introducing themselves, gossiping etc etc.

Obviously, Nonnie is trying to supress her laughter there because i was aiming the camera at them -_-"

When everyone arrived, we took a group photo.
I think it was hell for the camera-guy because most of the bloggers brought their own cameras.

I not kidding le, look at these cameras. These are only some of them le.

After everyone finally finished taking the group photo, u know la, group photos always took long time one, especially when so many noisy gals come together, hehe, we finally proceed to the long table outside and wait for Nisah to give out speech on Breast Cancer and PCOS awareness. Frankly, i do not know of the term PCOS until that night. The night was very meaningful because i learnt a lot about these (as i am the ignorant type who is always afraid to find out the truth)

After Nisah finished her speech, we all went to the long food table and I hungrily scooped out these yummy looking food on my plates. In my plate got Macaroni, Sushi, Shepherd pie, Japanese pizza (**stomach growling every minute and every second while typing this post**)

Due to the reason that i have to go to KK the next morning, they have to fast forward their gift giving ceremony and let me have the priviledge to be the first to get the gift right after they presented the gift to the Emma, the host.

Here's da pile of gifts XD

Nisah holding the gift bag and Nonnie like Santa's little helper, dig in and distribute da gifts.

My Gift
Some of you bloggers who were there probably remember this?!
I took a picture of my little pressie right after it was given to me. =P
Maurina, you see, no visible cellotape la

Sayang i had to take off so early. i did not even have the chance to talk to everyone or get to know these lovely gals better la. For more stories, check out Nonnie's post here, who also have other links related to our evening (posted by the other lovely ladies bloggers). Don't miss out their side of the story hor! Cause i didn't stay late enough to see what else goes on!

Gosh, i am still thinking of the food from that evening le... i know there are cakes which i had missed.. and some other desserts? Sigh!!!

Ok... when will there be a 2nd gathering?! =P

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one said...

Wow... there's actually a blogger night out?! Now that's new to me...

Wonder do u all know each other?
Hrmmm... =.=

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