Saturday, January 06, 2007

NBT and more Empire Photoshoots

I had promised Sze Wei that i will post the pictures i took at NBT and Empire since long before christmas. Sorry took such a long time to upload, sampai Christmas also over liau.

Hehe, as some of you know, i am not completely recover from my illness yet. *cough cough. Ya, i just returned from KK (holiday) and everyone was either saying i look hell or i look "great" (heavily emphasised on the word great)

My mom just said i look terrible though. When i went back to work on 3rd Jan 07, i had such a bad headache i had to go see a doctor at around 3+ p.m. and only earned a 1 hr + MC!

"But now is 3+ p.m., we are getting off work soon le! how bout tomorrow" i asked the doctor , trying to bargain for my MC
"you will get better tomorrow" the doctor said.

wah lau, he thinks his medicines are some kind of xian dan meh? eat for one night can be recover. And So, the 2nd day, i went back to the clinic and tell him i still have my headache and demand for another 1 day MC (which i successfully got). *cough cough.

Anyway, here's da pictures:-

Noticed that the sky had not turn dark yet? i was quite kiasu that time. I know i haven't master my photography skill yet and being unfamiliar with the functions of my camera, me and Pat got off work rather early , at 5+ p.m. and then pia to NBT to take pictures. JR was late because he had to go pick up his girlfriend and Mayuyi.

That's suppose to be a Christmas tree kwa... but looks like umbrella with wiring?

What i really want to do is climb into the "snow" area and take picture there la!

By the Time JR arrived with the 2 gals, the sky was dark and all the christmas lights were on.

JR posing with his EasyWay Drink. That's probably why he was late. Shopping at EasyWay without tapao-ing for me & Patrina!
Easyway commercial meh... how much people paying you for that o!

Everyone posed like this already, i also don't know how to pose liau -_-"

JR, really, stop playing with the EasyWay liau la

ooh, so now passed the EasyWay to Patrina?
& what the @&^% are you doing to the rocking reindeer?!

Cutey cutey Reindeers. Hehe

I think we were quite lucky that time. Cause it started raining after we proceed to Empire for another photoshoots.
First, we see Penguins Dancing and skating?

Then, little houses that looks like Smurfs live in it

Them trying to feed the penguins?

Here, we see someone breeding a small field of chicken, dog, turtle, cow, dinasour... and Hello Kitty?!
no lah, they are actually walking animal (balloon lai de)

see, you hold like this and let the balloon float about on the ground. See how you can do a small animal fight there?

Well, if you think that's the end of our night, then you are so wrong. We went to Swenson to eat Earthquake cause its Tuesday night ma!

The Earthquake!! or is it Volcano?! -_-"

Look at the amount of whipping cream, 不肥是假的!!

"lai lai lai, before eating that ice cream, pose for my camera pls"


one said...

Nice pics.. and *cough**cough*the easyway*cough**cough*.. LOL

Earthquake~ yummy~~!!

Too bad u din see ah zhun at empire.. haha...
But seriuosly, can auction the autograph?(*SHOCK*) I din know that. Ppl would pay for it?
My nephew n niece got take picture with him when they went to his house's xmas party. Can auction? I got the photos.. LOL..

one said...

Wow.. look at my posting time.. exactly 12:00am.. haha..

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